Lions in South Africa had eaten them, hunted the poacher

Lions in South Africa had eaten them, hunted the poacher

In the Kruger National Park in South Africa lions ate the poacher during illegal hunting.

According to local police, the suspect in the illegal hunting of big cats poacher was eaten by lions in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Animals there is little left from their victim, but still the fragments of his body were found this weekend in a game Park near Hoedspruit.

Appears the victim was engaged in illegal hunting in the Safari Park where he was attacked and devoured by lions. They ate it almost completely, leaving only the head and some fragments.Moate Gamepress Secretary of police Limpopo

The police have not yet identified the victim. Near the body was discovered a loaded shotgun and ammunition, reported the South African news website.

In recent years, in the Limpopo province, cases of illegal hunting of lions.

Body parts of big cats are sometimes used in traditional medicine in Africa and beyond.

Animal protection organization Born Free Foundation reports that the bones and other body parts of lions increasingly being used in Southeast Asia as a replacement for tiger.

In January 2017, in Limpopo, were found three of the poisoned lion with severed legs and heads.