Hero meme about nerds participated in the launch of Tesla car in the space

Hero meme about nerds participated in the launch of Tesla car in the space

The hero of the old meme about party programmers have developed software for the launch into space of the Tesla with the help of rocket, the Falcon Heavy. How did the famous photograph and how the path of her hero, says “Газета.Ru”.

The launch into space of the Tesla with the help of rocket, the Falcon Heavy, on 6 February, continues to acquire new details. According to Polish media, in the preparation and launch was attended by the hero of a popular meme “party programmers” Tomash the Seagull.

About the benefits of higher education

Remember the meme about “crazy party programmers”? The guy with the photos of the Polish engineer Tomasz Czajka is a diligent student and winner of many international competitions. He spent 6 years at Google, and now is in the state SpaceX. No Tom… pic.twitter.com/3t4xJoHCrt

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Tomas studied at the Lyceum in the city of Stalowa Wola, and then at the faculty of mathematics, Informatics and mechanics, Warsaw University, noted on the website of the Polish it community.

During his studies, first at Warsaw University and then at Purdue University in the USA gull repeatedly won prestigious competitions among programmers. In 2003, the team of students from Warsaw University under the supervision of Professor Jan Madej, he won the International student Olympiad on programming. In 2003, 2004 and 2008 Tomas won first place in competitions on sports programming of Corporation of TopCoder.

Since 2007 he has worked as a software engineer in the headquarters of Google, where in 2014 he moved to SpaceX. Here he focused on the creation of management systems and participated in software development, required to run.

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The famous photo became a meme, was made in 1997 in the scientific camp in the village of zwardoń during the math Olympiad. Tomas is the only photo of the young man without glasses — have taken second place. The winner then became Grzegorz Cabbage, now — associate Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, along with his brother Michal Cabbage, another participant of the Olympic games, engaged in mathematical research.

Participation in such contests accept only the most able pupils, says Dr. Jacek Uryga.

Even reaching the final of the Olympics is a great achievement. At the camp students were preparing for international competitions, says Uryga.

Seagull visited Mathematical Olympiad twice, both times received the “silver”.