As the suspension of the operation of An-148 will have an impact on air travel?

As the suspension of the operation of An-148 will have an impact on air travel?

The crash, which claimed the lives of 71 people, left behind many questions. Could lead to the collapse of the pilot’s actions? As the TFR so quickly concluded that the plane fell intact and not burned in the fall?

The crash of An-148 in the suburbs. Official информация8-800-775-17-17″Hot line” for the plane crash in ПодмосковьеПодробнее8-495-983-79-01Справочная MOE России8-499-216-99-99Единый “telephone hotline” of EMERCOM России8-498-505-41-70″the Telephone hotline” of EMERCOM RF, Moscow области8-3532-308-999″hotline” of the operational headquarters EMERCOM in the Orenburg области11 February 2018 passenger An-148 aircraft disappeared from radar screens after taking off from Moscow to Orsk. Later in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region were found fragments of the aircraft. On Board were 71 people.

  • The list of passengers and crew members of the crashed aircraft An-148


The plane “Saratov airlines” in the time of the fall had it exploded when it hit the ground. About this informed the official representative of the Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko.

Flight recorders of An-148 is badly damaged, but, according to preliminary data, useful for interpretation. TASS have informed in Interstate aviation Committee.

“Saratov airlines” has suspended operation of its fleet of An-148 after the collapse in the suburbs. This was reported on the website of the airline. Carrier pre-apologized for adjustments in the flight schedule, and expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims of the disaster.

In 2016, “Saratov airlines” has taken sublease of the airline “Russia” five aircraft “An-148”. In the Park of the carrier also includes a Yak-42 and Embraer-190. The airline operates scheduled regional flights.

As the suspension of operation will affect the company and airline operations in the country? That said chief editor of the portal Roman Gusarov:

— Of course, the airline made a big bet on this type of aircraft, they very happily took it into service and building up my business strategy is on the plane An-148. Now without him they will have quite difficult, but at the same time, and to try by force to continue flying on this plane after such a resonance catastrophe it would be unwise and wrong.

At least we all know that the vast majority of passengers who were supposed to fly on airplanes of the airline, now just hand over the tickets. Therefore, for the airline’s first loss is a disaster, and not even the fact of the suspension of operation of the aircraft.

— How will this affect travel to Russia? They say that “Saratov airlines” — it is an important player in the regional market?

— Indeed, “Saratov airlines” — a serious player on the regional routes. We can say that this airline belongs to the carriers of the second echelon. But at the same time, I know that the share of this airline in General, the volume of traffic in Russia is quite low so a big problem is not the cause. At some first stage of transition, if the airline will not quickly restore its flights in the right amount, in certain areas there is a shortage, but the transportation market is so constituted that the void was immediately filled by other airlines.

As soon as a place frees a carrier, he was immediately taken by the others, who are happy to earn the profitable routes.

The Board crashed the day on February 11, shortly after taking off from the airport “Domodedovo”. At the crash site was discovered a hole the size of seven by four meters and a depth of 1.5 meters. The wreckage of the plane scattered over an area of 30 hectares.

At the crash site found two “black boxes”. According to preliminary data, they are useful for interpretation.

The investigative Committee is considering several versions of the crash is weather conditions, the human factor and the technical condition of the liner. Member of the presidential Commission for development of General aviation, honored pilot of Russia, former flight Director “Vnukovo airlines” Yury Sytnik considers that the crash could cause the pilot’s actions:

— First, cloud: the bottom edge is 700 meters, the upper limit is 3000. The plane was at an altitude of 2000 meters, approximately, in the clouds, there is a strong turbulence, in this moment there was a heavy snowfall. Next version: if the plane somehow fell and lost 300 meters in height, in the Moscow area, this is unacceptable, because in the lower tier could be another plane. Naturally, the crew takes extra steps to return to the original position of the flight and to take again 1800 meters. Engines in off mode, the wheel itself, in just a few seconds, popping up at 1800 meters, and at this point something starts to happen. And what can happen? The wings of the aircraft, exit at supercritical angles, the turning of the aircraft longitudinal attitude and a dive, which leads to the fact that the speed of the transcendent, of the dynamic pressure the airplane begins to fall apart in the air, it is possible to explain that the human remains and some fragments of parts of the aircraft were found on the removal of 1000-1200 meters.

— It is said that the plane fell in one piece.

As a whole? Well, flew the flap, came off a door, the hatch tore off, flew away, that’s not saying a whole lot — two engine, chassis, cockpit, empennage — it’s still a compact, all together hit the ground.

In such a situation, the pilot can manage to give something to the Manager or already in this situation before?

— Had to pass. But if something happened emergency and it the 300 metres unauthorized lost, the dispatcher why it started to cause? Because he saw that the plane was losing altitude. And then he rose to a height of 1800, which he will inform you that I’m sorry, I lost height of 300 metres and are now gaining? No, of course. He tried to rectify that mistake, if it an error has occurred, or was it shot like this weather. Although at this time of year, these turbulent clouds do not exist, such sharp shots, ascending streams. Another reason to destroy the plane in the air.

Recorders can confirm this?

NewsHow does the black box of the aircraft. All the details

— First, the recorders will be immediately visible to the speed of the aircraft, the angle of deflection of the rudders on the crew. Even if there is a voice recorder, if it will not find and decipher, if in poor condition will, by the action of the rudders, in fact, in some critical situations, as was the steering wheel, how given, what was the movement of the steering wheel — all this is written, more than 150 parameters recorded. Then those witnesses who say they have seen a burning plane falling, even with the smoke, it just indicates that, most likely, the fire may not have, and was common surging and surging is a phenomenon when the kerosene is supplied, and the air is not enough already, the fuel burns outside.

Aviaekspert, Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Dmitry Drozdenko believes that the reason of wreck of An-148 superlatively weather conditions:

“In this situation we can say that it has become a bit clearer: it was not an explosion in the air, respectively, to exclude completely the possibility of a terrorist act. And this could happen anytime from equipment failure to pilot error. Conclusion the TFR is most likely made on the basis of the crash site, where he hit the ground, like scattered fragments, also frames that came in the set, where a security camera captured the moment of collision with the ground plane. There is quite clearly visible that the plane is not lit and the explosion occurs on the surface.”

Weather conditions, from the point of view of aviation, was quite acceptable, that is, the conditions were simple, the snow in this situation, nobody could, so the weather this time sin will not have.

As the TFR was able so quickly to the conclusion that the plane fell intact and not burned in the fall? The former commander of the aircraft, specialist safety Alexander Romanov believes that the investigators were able to rush a statement:

“According to the video, which showed not to be seen, whether it was a plane and then a fragment of the plane, so I guess there was no need to hurry with these conversations. Judging by the fact that some fragment may have been quite large in the lens, and then it was evident that he bounced off the ground, then the trajectory was a blast, but I repeat, probably, it was necessary to wait, because for the Investigative Committee, the investigation is still not over, give these comments probably were too early. But I’m not going to criticize anybody”.

Judging by the nature of the wreckage, which are now in the vast territory, not really that the plane with the explosion scattered such small fragments on a vast territory. That is, I would have thought that after all the plane began to fall apart in flight, and a fragment hit the lens, here’s what we saw.

Relatives of those killed in the crash will receive 4 million rubles of compensation. 2 million will allocate the government of Moscow and Orenburg regions. Also family will receive 2 million insurance payout.

Authorities in Orenburg region have conducted negotiations regarding the replacement of the air carrier, the flight Moscow — Orsk, writes “Interfax”. On the website of the regional government specified that the negotiations have already been with the airline “Russia” and “Aeroflot”.

What is known about the crash of flight Moscow—Orsk