Flight attendants called the most annoying actions of passengers

Flight attendants called the most annoying actions of passengers

Please do not go barefoot in the cabin, if you don’t want to piss off the flight attendants. Flight attendants told what actions the passengers take them out.

Susan brown, a flight attendant, which, according to her that has experience with Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad, said Internet users than passengers annoy crew the most, reports the Independent.

In the first place — a bad smell. On morning flights, passengers sometimes bad breath. Brown says some customers it would be good to chew mint gum before you contact the flight attendants with requests.

Naturally, flight attendants can not be included in this list and the problems associated with toilet. Besides the usual, but terrible in their banality toilet carelessness, and such passenger referred to sin as trips to the bathroom barefoot. “At least wear socks. On some flights they are included in the free set. You know the passengers how dirty the floors in the aircraft?”complains brown.

The next item of the list — too violent affection, demonstrated by loving couples. Some people seem to not understand that with them fly about a hundred passengers, the flight attendant says. Sometimes over-zealous lovers having to ask to take it easy.

Annoying the crew and too-frequent requests for freebies. It is sometimes surprising to see how much free soda he can drink one person, says brown.

She also complains that customers often pester flight attendants with requests when they have a spare minute to eat: “If you see that the crew is eating, and if you have anything urgent, just say, “Sorry to bother you, I’ll be back later.” Let the team members will have 5 minutes to myself.”