UN: the conflict in Syria became one of the most bloody stages

UN: the conflict in Syria became one of the most bloody stages

The Secretary General of the international organization, antónio Guterres, called on all parties to the conflict to achieve an immediate ceasefire.

UN 11 Feb. /TASS./ Airstrikes in Syria has claimed over 1 thousand lives of civilians during the first week of February. It became one of the highest rates for the time of the confrontation, reported Saturday in the office of the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres.

“The Syrian people are experiencing one of the bloodiest periods in the nearly seven years of conflict. According to incoming reports, more than 1 thousand civilians were killed in the air strikes during the first week of February”, — stated in the message. Guterres expressed concern at the “alarming military escalation in Syria, flowing beyond it”.

UN chief reminded the parties to the conflict of the obligations under international humanitarian law and urged all “to work towards the immediate and unconditional cessation of violence and to exercise restraint”.

Guterres also stressed the need for “rapid progress toward a political solution in accordance with Security Council resolution UN 2254 (18 Dec 2015)”, offering the basis for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria. As stated Guterres, is “the only way to stop the violence and the terrible suffering of the Syrian people.”

Since March 2011 in Syria, continuing armed conflict between government troops and insurgents who demand the withdrawal of Bashar Assad as President. In the pre-war population of Syria is about 20 million people, the number of refugees from the country, according to the UN, is about 5.5 million people, 6.1 million are seeking refuge on the territory of the Republic 13.1 million in need of humanitarian assistance. The number of victims of conflict is estimated at 470 thousand.