In the United States figured out the plan of China to destroy America

In the United States figured out the plan of China to destroy America

The Chinese military master the strategy described 2500 years ago a great military leader sun Tzu. It is based on the principle of “to win the war without taking part in the battle,” writes the American edition the National Interest, citing a study by the RAND Corporation.

As the authors of the report, China in the event of a collision with the United States will try to make US just are unable to use precision weapons on land, at sea and in the air.

The main focus of the PLA soldiers will be on the crippling of the American systems of processing and transfer of command orders.

As a result of aviation, army and Navy will be chaotic and will not lead to success. Coupled with the use of methods of informational influence, the Chinese army can simply “crowd out” the enemy from the battlefield.

The authors of the report notice that such tactics adhered to by the Americans during “operation desert Storm” against Iraq in 1991. Now, such ways of war, learned and China.

Moreover, as noticed in the US, the current foreign policy of the PRC not be considered peaceful.

It is aimed to achieve global leadership, but new methods.

At the end of January it became known that China took 120 scientists in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies to work on new weapons. Thus the people’s liberation army (PLA) hopes to achieve military parity with the United States.