American attacked the bear to save his puppy

American attacked the bear to save his puppy

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the US, the man rescued his puppy from a bear that attacked a pet while walking in the woods, writes Bangor Daily News.

Dustin gray was walking through the woods with an eleven puppy when a wild animal attacked the pet, and began to bite him. According to the man, he was a little shocked to see a bear, which at this time of year was supposed to be in hibernation, but kept his head and pounced on the animal, inflicting blows with his foot and hand until, until it ceased to bite a puppy.

American argues that the bear knocked him to the ground after the man stuck a finger directly into the eyes of the bear. Then, according to a resident of Maine, the animal did not attack him, and fled from the scene of the incident.

After the incident, grey was taken your pet to the vet, who confirmed that the wounds on the body of the puppy was the result of the “attack a large animal.”

The man said that now the puppy is on the mend. Gray himself escaped with solely scratches and bruises.