Michigan has faced more than 50 machines

Michigan has faced more than 50 machines

In the us state of Michigan has been a massive accident on interstate 94 collided 51 car. It is reported Twitter account BreakingNNow.

The accident occurred in the County of Kalamazoo, part of the road closed to eliminate the effects of collisions. It is alleged that the scene was hospitalized one person. Work emergency services. The details of the incident are not reported.

#BREAKING: Here is a video of the 51 vehicle accident on the I-94 in West Michigan. One person has been transported to hospital. (Video: @FranqueThompson) pic.twitter.com/BIxf9SNu6y

— BreakingNNow (@BreakingNNow) February 9, 2018

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According to local media reports, the situation on local roads is complicated by the severe weather conditions in the area are raging snowstorm.