In the MOE called the most likely scenarios for war with Russia

In the MOE called the most likely scenarios for war with Russia

MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. The use of modern weapons, primarily high-precision weapons, and actions of subversive groups may be the most likely scenario of possible military conflict with Russia, with the use of weapons of mass destruction is unlikely, according to a published scientific-methodical work of the Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the Agency is taking into account modern views on the conduct of war proposes to abandon the practice of mass evacuation in time of war.

According to rescuers, realize it should be only from hazardous areas the impact of secondary damaging factors of radiation and chemical contamination, catastrophic flooding, fires, and so on.

In modern warfare, the main impact would be the control centers, information centers, critical facilities, and critical infrastructure of the population, the rescuers.

“Forecasting environment is performed on the most probable scenario of military conflict with conventional modern means of defeat and actions of sabotage and reconnaissance units,” — said in the section “the scope and nature of the effects after the attack of the enemy,” the scientific-methodical work of EMERCOM of Russia.

According to experts of Agency, the most likely dangers for the population may not be damaging factors of nuclear weapons (air blast and radioactive contamination), and the secondary factors of industrial accidents, which occur when the local defeat of precision weapons potentially dangerous and critical facilities.

Primarily, these include chemical and radioactive pollution, as well as fire and catastrophic flooding.