The Pentagon said that the advance informed Russia about the impact of the coalition in Syria

The Pentagon said that the advance informed Russia about the impact of the coalition in Syria

MOSCOW, February 9 — RIA Novosti. Western coalition led by the United States previously informed the Russian side about the impact on the Pro-government forces in Syria, said at the Pentagon.

“The coalition saw a slow build-up of forces supporting the regime of (Syrian authorities — ed.) during the week. Officials of the coalition has warned Russian officials about the presence of SDF channels of conflict prevention before the attack. These channels had served their purpose”, — said the representative of the U.S. defense Department Dana white.

She noted that the relationship with the Russian military maintained during and after the attack of the coalition forces. While white has confirmed the coalition about the details of the incident and noted that “the attack on the SDF forces were coordinated”.


On Wednesday, the Western coalition led by the US said that Pro-government groups staged the attack on the headquarters of the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), where there were American soldiers, and then was retaliated by the Syrian military.

As noted in the message, the coalition has dealt a blow to “repel aggression”. Thus the Western military has not reported about the victims and the victims of the attack. The us defense Department also stated they did not have information whether the Russian military forces among the targets were and if they were included under attack. According to TV channel ABC, about a hundred men of the Syrian Pro-government forces have become victims of the attack coalition. As told to an unnamed source, the attack used artillery and aviation.

In General, the coalition led by the United States stressed that the main task of the operations of Western States in Syria is to fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state”*, however, the coalition noted that reserve the right to self-defense.