The mechanism of natural selection

The mechanism of natural selection

The inauguration of the candidate who wins the election March 18, will take place on 7 may. By this time will expire on the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin. This will start the procedure of automatic rotation of the government, which will resign the day of the inauguration of the new President. In 2012, many government officials had received appointments in the presidential administration (PA) after the move of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin. Six years later the situation has changed: it will be more likely on the rotation age of the officials of the AP.

The deadline for determining presidential election results by the CEC on 29 March, to formally publish their will need for three days, to the calendar of the CEC. If elections are held in one round (i.e. one of the candidates gets more than 50% of the votes), the winner of the vote will have to wait for the inauguration just over a month until your third term modifies Vladimir Putin. In 2008 March 3, the day after the election (chosen was Dmitry Medvedev), zarabativali at the time his second term, Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On the status of the newly elected and not yet in the position of President of the Russian Federation”. It prescribes the administration of the President (AP) to ensure the operation of successor, the Federal security service — to provide him a seat and a safety before the official announcement by the President.

This time in the transition period the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev will have to report to the state Duma: the lower house of Parliament has already proposed date — April 11. A year ago, 19 April 2017, the Prime Minister before the report became the object of criticism because of the film of Alexei Navalny “He’s not Dimon.” Answering a question of deputies of the Communist party, the Prime Minister called the investigation “completely false the product of political rogues.” In the factions of the Communist party and the liberal democratic party is now busy with the presidential campaign, not questions to the Prime Minister, who will have to ask when the results of the elections fail.

The inauguration, no matter who was elected President, does not change, and “it reflects sustainability of traditions,” said in 2008, the chief heraldry master of Russia Georgy Vilinbakhov. Then Dmitry Medvedev, and Vladimir Putin in 2012 and took office in the Kremlin on 7 may.

In 2018, elections will be held in the second half of March. On the date of the inauguration is not affected, told “Kommersant” in the CEC. President, if elected on March 18 in the first round will take office on 7 may.

Since the adoption of the new President of the oath on inauguration day, in accordance with article 92 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation to terminate the powers of the President. According to the article 35 of the law “On the RF government” the Cabinet resigns on the day of the inauguration of the new President. Within two weeks after the resignation of the Chairman of the government the candidacy of the new Prime Minister, the President must submit to the state Duma (article 111 of the Constitution).

In 2012, when he completed the “shuffle”, the time lag was miserable: Vladimir Putin as soon as he returned to the presidency on may 7, introduced in the state Duma the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev.

On 8 may, the lower house approved it in this post 299 votes. The state Duma, which in 2012 was led by the current head of the SVR, Sergei Naryshkin, did not use the right to reflect further (up to a week) before considering candidacy.

With the participation of the new Prime Minister forms the Cabinet of Ministers. Its structure and staffing should be proposed to the President during the week the head of government. Federal officials believe that the current composition of the White house will not change much before the election.

In 2008, Vladimir Putin, became Prime Minister and formed the Cabinet of Ministers by the 13th of may, and the President made a major destination in AP. In 2012, the backbone of his new administration of Vladimir Putin built with Ministers and officials of the government staff with whom he worked in the White house since 2008. For example, the head of the government staff Anton Vaino was the Deputy head of the presidential administration, his Deputy in the office of Yuri Ushakov, the head of Ministry of Economics Elvira Nabiullina, Igor Shchegolev, Yuri Trutnev, Tatyana Golikova, Andrei Fursenko, the assistant to the President (the appointment was held until may 21). Some officials of the presidential administration Dmitry Medvedev has done the reverse way: so, presidential adviser Mikhail Abyzov became the Minister in charge of open government, presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich — Deputy Prime Minister and the other assistant Sergey Prikhodko, first Deputy head of the government apparatus.

Although there were exceptions. For example, in December 2011, the permanent representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has been Deputy Prime Minister for defense industry in the government of Mr Putin and still retains a position in the Cabinet.

It happened because the Deputy Prime Minister for defense industry Sergei Ivanov received in December 2011 promotion: he was the head of the AP when Mr Medvedev and retained the post after returning to the Kremlin Vladimir Putin. With him in up as the curator of internal policy of the administration of Dmitry Medvedev were appointed Vyacheslav Volodin. “The formation of the new administration, including after the elections, is not an automatic story. The AP is working, every personnel decision, if necessary, taken individually,” says one of the interlocutors “Kommersant”. For example, Konstantin Kostin, who headed the Department of internal policy even when Vladislav Surkov, continued to lead the Department of internal policy during the 2012 presidential election and left office at the end of may, after the inauguration.

The identity of officials of the AP is written, they are valid until may 7, said the Federal official. “But this does not mean that after the inauguration of work on the Old town square is terminated,” says one of the officials.

The same situation in the Federal ministries: the new leaders will have the opportunity to reshuffle within a few months, but the departments it should not be affected. The elections themselves are not directly reflected in the heads of some Federal services, agencies, companies and state corporations, appointed by the President or the Prime Minister, says one of the interlocutors “Kommersant”: “They are contract which can be either extended or terminated, so that binding to the election process, they have not.”

Interviewed by “b” Federal officials believe that in the case of the election of Vladimir Putin for a new term Premiership can save Dmitry Medvedev: “of course, If he agrees to it”.

The current situation is fundamentally different from the situation in 2012, says AP close to the source “b” then “changed teams” Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin now can go more “about the update”, including by the rotation age of the officials of the AP. A spare area for retirees is still the Federation Council, which is still vacant “presidential quota” — the place where senators are appointed personally by the head of state.

“The AP in the first place will change the structure of the government — first footage — said political analyst Dmitry Badovsky.— Although, of course, is in the government of their structural intrigue is primarily whether the contour shaping of project management near linear bureaucratic routine. In AP, in turn, changes in the structure also may create movement of staff”.

Ivan Safronov, Maxim Ivanov

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