Putin said that he plans soon to Sochi to meet with FIFA President

Putin said that he plans soon to Sochi to meet with FIFA President

The head of state said that the purpose of the meeting will be marking the start of preparations for the world Cup.

KRASNOYARSK, February 7. /TASS./ Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that it plans soon to Sochi to meet with the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

“Look, we will have an event soon in Sochi, we meet with the FIFA President, some starts to outline the stages of preparation for the world Cup,” said Putin at a meeting with pupils of the football club “totem” by inviting kids to take part in this meeting.

Since you are also world Champions, I invite you to sit in with Mr. Infantino, I think it will be interesting to see our world Champions in their category.Vladimir Putin

In response to a request to hold a meeting with the football team of the club “totem” at the opening of the world championship in Moscow in July, Putin said: “we will try, but now come in Sochi.” “We are in Sochi will meet with the President of FIFA, and I’ll introduce you to him as future world Champions,” he said. The head of state expressed confidence that Infantino “it will be nice to meet players like you”.

Football club “totem” was created in 2003, it includes over 100 people of all ages involved in football, including 45 children from Krasnoyarsk children’s home № 1 and students of this institution. A children’s football team “totem” — the numerous winner and prize-winner of city, regional, Russian and international competitions on football and mini-football. Since 2011, students of the club have repeatedly won prizes at the world football championship among children from orphanages and boarding schools held in Warsaw.

November 3, 2016 after winning the world championship on football among the orphanages and boarding schools for young athletes “Totem” in the framework of the forum “Community” met with the head of state. Putin noted sports victory football club and promised Krasnoyarsk juniors that soon they will be training in the sports complex that meets the modern requirements.