Hit by the US coalition of Syrian militias have not coordinated the operation with Russia

Hit by the US coalition of Syrian militias have not coordinated the operation with Russia

The Russian defense Ministry stated that Washington’s actions in Syria are aimed at the seizure and control of economic assets, not terrorism.

Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Syrian militias, came under attack in the American coalition, not coordinated their operation with the Russian military, said the defense Ministry.

“The cause of the incident were inconsistent with the command of the Russian operational group in the settlement of Salhiah reconnaissance and search actions of the Syrian rebels”, — said the Russian defense Ministry.

The defense Ministry said that the shelling was 25 wounded Syrian militias. Russian soldiers in the area of the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor no.

The American media, with reference to the representative of the coalition reported that more than 100 fighters of Pro-government forces in Syria were victims of “retaliatory” strike the US-led anti-ISIS coalition (“Islamic state” is prohibited in Russia).

The Syrian military shelled the increasingly

Meanwhile, the Russian defense Ministry reported that in recent days there have been frequent attacks on the positions of Syrian government troops in the area of human settlements Mazlum, FL-Tabiya and Ham the province of Deir ez-Zor, which actively returned the civilian population. It is established that the Syrian military shelled the militants one of the sleeper cells of ISIS, which has stepped up its activities in the area.

“On 7 February to detect and destroy the gang one of the divisions of the national militia of Pro-government forces had conducted reconnaissance and search actions in the direction of a former oil refinery El ISBA”, — stated in the message.

It notes that the task of the militia suffered a surprise attack from mortars and MLRS, after which it struck the helicopters of the US-led “international coalition”.