“Father came home in the blood”: the daughter of authority about life in a crime family

“Father came home in the blood”: the daughter of authority about life in a crime family

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti, Kamila Turkina. Gang violence, drugs, smuggling and easy money — such is the life of the criminal families. Daughter twice convicted of the authority told RIA Novosti that she had to endure.

An imaginary being

Valeria Oleinikova of Naro-Fominsk 21. At first glance, her life seems prosperous — most recently, she graduated from medical school and moved to work in Moscow. However, a few years ago it was different. The fact that Valeria was born and raised in a crime family. Terrible childhood memories she gladly would have crossed from his life.

“My parents smuggled before I was born — carrying household appliances, cars and many more from abroad. The business was successful, so we lived in prosperity, there was money, a few private cars drove to the resorts. And then dad quarreled with all their powerful friends in the criminal world, decided he could do without them. And our savings are rapidly melted,” says Valeria.

The house was often armed to the teeth thugs. They brought the drugs, the money was divided with the father of the little Lera, and the girl gave chocolates and ordered in any case not to go to their room.

“When I was four years old, his father disappeared, it was not long at home, and then he suddenly appeared. Fell in, fell to the floor in the hallway and just lay there without movement, and my mother was in hysterics, trying to Wake him up. It scared me so much. Such cases was generally a lot — my father would come home after a long absence, drunk, in the blood after the next gangster dismantling”, — recalls with horror the girl.

When Lera was seven, his father was first jailed for robbery. The mother told the daughter that dad is in the hospital and will be back soon. But then the TV showed a story about the arrest Lerinage father. The girl started to slack off in school. And she genuinely could not understand what it is.

“Even worse during a search after his arrest. Police arrived, neighbors gathered to witness. Remember, as I rummaged through all the cabinets looking for what is unclear, and cried,” says Valeria.

Before that we always lived in abundance, and after the arrest of father barely making ends meet — there was no money even for food. Mom worked up a sweat, they sold their things to get a good lawyer and to pay the debts.Valeriya Oleynikova

Prison changes beyond recognition

The criminal authority has returned to the zone when his daughter was 10 years old. And life turned into a nightmare, admits Valery.