“Will check whether I have the right to teach others»

“Will check whether I have the right to teach others»

Finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia” about why he participates in the competition and teach managers.

After graduating with honors from high school, Eugene Lupino immediately led HR segment of a large company. It turned out, practice and theory are markedly different from each other. Before the young technician stood up trivial in General the choice to change the world or adapt to it. Jack chose the former — went to work and organized a company which began to teach and train managers. As a result, today, Eugene is close to victory in all-Union competition of managers “Leaders of Russia”.

To each his own

Company Evgeniya MOST Consulting, besides training and workshops, involved in expert evaluation of personnel and creation of a personnel reserve. Please explain to the layperson — what it is and how it works. After two seconds of hesitation Jack cites the example of the hospital. “As usual, select the Department head or chief doctor? Invited for this position the best doctor. But most doctors in most cases want to treat and don’t want to manage. Persuade them double wages, and they agree. In the end, the clinic loses a good surgeon or oncologist, but instead gets a poor Manager. To treat and manage different competencies. In our Omsk region was the first to understand the trend in the medical Unit № 9 and invited us. We’ve done extensive research, training, tests, used its own method of monitoring gaming behavior of the staff, conducted management trainings, and as a result has created the same personnel reserve — a group of doctors who are capable of becoming effective managers. And those who saw his purpose in saving lives and health,” he says.