“We are simple guys from the provinces, ordinary programmers»

“We are simple guys from the provinces, ordinary programmers»

Finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia” from Barnaul draft virtual cities.

Two Altai student programmer seven years ago I left work and with no start-up capital organized a high-tech business that has spread across the country today. What idea formed the basis of the company, for which its founders a year later praised the President, what the children learned, having survived the crisis of the fourteenth year, and for what services of company founder Igor Nosov is not the first time choose one of the best young entrepreneurs of Russia?

A little bit of courage

Seen near the home of a new restaurant? Sports club and dental office? But you didn’t go? And rightly so — suddenly you will not do the staff or the prices. Than to take a pig in a poke, risk, money and mood, it is better to prepare in advance.

The idea is to change the situation — to create a virtual 3D model of the city, where every door you can go and carefully inspected, a fifth-year of Altai state technical University Igor Nosov eight years ago.

Would have been a good thing for Barnaul to make money through advertising to make money. But how to start a business if you are a regular student-technicians from the provinces and you have the soul of a penny?

“Nine months I was carrying this idea”, — says Igor. “It seemed viable, but required a full commitment. And I had a job I was writing software for “satellite systems” transport (now GLONASS) and was considered a good specialist. Helped my friend and partner Peter Grigoryan. He said, “What you all are thinking, great idea, let her have to carry out!” We both left work and began to do. It was a no, and jump into the void, requiring courage,” he says.

Actually the project was started by three people — he was a classmate of Igor Alexei. But Alex did not believe in the beginning, afraid to quit a job where they earn a salary in 20 thousand roubles, and after a while stopped returning calls left without a word. What, in General, of course — who is not afraid of the unknown?