“To live in the land of their ancestors»

“To live in the land of their ancestors»

Finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia” Evgeny Malygin — about dreams and possibilities.

Finalist Evgeny Malygin has passed a difficult path, having worked in various fields of activity. He could make a brilliant career in the far East, but remained in his native Buryatia Republic and now dreams about the development of the region.

In search of himself

Eugene was born on the shores of lake Baikal in an ordinary family of a teacher of mathematics and Builder. As the mother Severobaikalsk was the main point of the project, the Baikal-Amur mainline, from childhood he was surrounded by real enthusiasts, who came to BAM construction on all corners of the country. “It’s the people who remained people even in a difficult time in the 90s when the state actually left the project. Their example made a huge impression on me, taught to never give up, no matter how difficult it was, and even in the most difficult situation to help others,” he says.