New optical illusion puzzled users of social networks

New optical illusion puzzled users of social networks

Visitors of the website Reddit have disagreed regarding optical illusion that occurs when combining two photos of the same street.

In the caption to the picture States that combined two identical picture taken from the same angle, “pixel to pixel”. Many users felt that the photographer tried to circle them around your finger.

During the download an error has occurred.

“It seems to me that the street on the right picture tilted to the right,” writes allenasm.

“I think the roads do lead in different directions, like one splits into two. Hard to believe that the streets are parallel to each other,” — says jerrydisco.

«Very strange. I can tell you that it is one and the same picture, but something is preventing my brain to accept it. I wonder what exactly it is related”, asked Saberfox11.

“This is due to the fact that the two streets merged at the bottom of the pictures. Your brain is trying to take this one image fork, and for that street in the picture to the left must be from a different angle than the photo on the right” — finds the possible explanation user All-Cal.

After one of the participants of the discussion put pictures on top of each other and made the gif image, users agreed that it was indeed the same shot.

“After that only remains to think, “Well, okay. So something is wrong with my brain. Well, now I know about it” — sums up Thoughtsonrocks.