“Eternal flight”: the pilot of the su-25 Roman Filipov escort in Russia

“Eternal flight”: the pilot of the su-25 Roman Filipov escort in Russia

Commemoration in honor of the Hero of the Russian Federation is carried out throughout the country.

The pilot shot down in Syria su-25 Roman Filipov not only received the title of Hero of Russia posthumously, but became a true hero in the eyes of Russians. It is mourned by the entire country: many write about the dead as if he had lost a loved one. In honor of 33-year-old major HQs of the Russian Federation held the commemoration in Moscow and Sevastopol, and social networks launched a campaign with the hashtag #Atovastatin. With these words, surrounded by militants Filipov grenade blew up, not wanting to surrender. At the request of the family, the burial ceremony with military honors will be held on 8 February in Voronezh.

Muscovites brought flowers and pictures of the deceased hero to the monument “They fought for the Motherland” of the General staff of the defense Ministry on Frunze embankment. Dozens of residents of Sevastopol gathered at the memorial to the airmen of the black sea fleet and laid out candles in the outline of a su-25. The pilot observed a minute of silence. In Yekaterinburg in memory of the Filipov laid flowers to the monument “Black Tulip” on the square of the Soviet army.

Roman Filipov was born and raised in Voronezh, after school he graduated from the prestigious Krasnodar higher military aviation school and went to serve in the far East. There he made a career from a senior pilot to Deputy squadron commander. The su-25 Filipov was the winner of the all-army competition “Aviadarts”. In Primorye, he is survived by his wife and four year old daughter.

Since childhood Filipov was distinguished by a strong character, but never come into conflict. “It is always… very respectful. He was very sympathetic. Was ready always to help. He was a strong character, I would say. He never tried to assert themselves at the expense of someone else. Very good was. And never gave a reason for quarrels,” said Roman Dudin, who studied with the future pilot in the same class, “Tsargrad”. Aviation has become a cherished dream Filipova in childhood he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was a military pilot. The school, Roman entered on the first attempt.