A minimum of means, maximum opportunity

A minimum of means, maximum opportunity

Finalist of the contest “Russia’s Leaders” about how to turn tutoring into a business.

Home tutoring — the case for students quite common. But to turn a private lessons business with dozens of employees and hundreds of students, including abroad, not everyone succeeds. Maxim Tsygankov, a finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia”, it happened. Maybe because for him it is not just a way to earn, and the lifestyle.

To a question about the dream of fifth-grader Maxim Tsygankov said, “I Want to study at MSU.”

Now he did not know where he got it — though parents with higher education, but not University. Lived in the city and one science city, but the campus atmosphere is not permeated. Apparently, the fact that the importance of education was always understood in the family. And if so — you need to choose the best universities.

11th class Maxim was devoted to preparations for entrance exams. Choosing between the two faculties — mathematics and computing mathematics and Cybernetics.

What I like about math is that it to solve complex problems you need to have is actually a very small set of starting knowledge. And yet — the ability to approach the solution in different ways. For example, the Pythagorean theorem — 367 methods of proof.Maxim Tsygankov

That’s right — in different ways — he had solved the problem of choice of profession. The first job found another a senior business analyst in a small consulting company. “The mathematics of mathematics not all are applicable in business. But I wanted to link their work with data analysis — and in this sense, a business analyst I was just the profile”.

Then turned to tutoring. First of all he was putting up ads on poles. It turned out to be quite effective. Students Tsygankova went to school with fun, easy exams, and most importantly — began to understand the subject, to be interested in it. Maxim just infected you guys with his love for mathematics. And it turned out that for him teaching is a field much more attractive than consulting, dreamed of so recently. So, having a diploma and working in a large retail chain, Maxim still for a long time there has been — and even serious salary and career prospects did not hold.

On the advice of colleagues Maxim Tsygankov began to offer free to hold the Olympics in schools.

“All is well: the school, without spending any money or time, receives the event from a graduate of mekhmat, for guys such competitions became a vacation from the routine of the usual lessons, the tasks I was given interesting. And though the competitions never any money, but after the students became more”.

Classes Tsygankova became increasingly popular.

Maxim left the company and opened its own courses. Invested in them money — they did not have — and the time and effort. Only mathematics is not enough: the issues are whether other items. And Maxim began to attract friends. Still most of the teachers of educational centre — students, graduates, post-graduates, Moscow state University.

The business, started in 2014 with ads on poles, has become a network of centers in Moscow, attended by about 350 children and employs 40 teachers. But the tradition of cooperation with schools left. A subject of special pride — a close relationship with a school named after A. Kolmogorov (SESC MSU). And in urban schools, the work continues: the Olympics, and more recently — and even mathematical fights. This is a step forward compared to previous Olympics like in a computer game, children are divided into teams drawn on the map divide the territory, extract resources… and math Olympiad level. “Formed a link: mathematics is interesting. Although usually the subject is considered boring, bland, we create the opposite impression: math is “cool.”

Today, the Center for learning the students from 5 th to 11-th class. Here I write my own books, spend a lot of free activities: games, excursions, foreign language learners — speaking club, inhouse movies,… Created their own community: for the students in one social network for parents — in a different, more solid.