“Why limit love?”or How to live polyamory

“Why limit love?”or How to live polyamory

Noni polyamory — she has two boyfriend, whom she loves, but the relationship with each of them is different.

Noni polyamory — she has two boyfriend, and she treats both equally seriously.

She says she’s felt in a monogamous relationship if in a trap — no matter how much she was in love. Noni 23 years, she lives in the Scottish town North Berwick.

In the documentary bi-Bi-si “Love without boundaries” she says, “It’s okay, when partner’s one. But I don’t see why I should artificially limit the love we are the world”.

I’m greedy. I like it when people like me.Noni

Open relationship

Polyamory is the ability to have multiple romantic relationships simultaneously, with the consent and approval of all participants of such relations.

Noni says that this can include non-monogamous practices such as exchange partners, but for her, there are ethics, and a meaningful relationship with each individual.

Noni is in a relationship with Morgan, 27-year-old administrator, and Oliver, 24-year-old graduate of the theatre school.

She met Morgan through the Dating app Tinder a couple of years ago when I lived in Dundee.

Morgan at that time was in a relationship with a girl named Henny for four years and they are still together.

“This is Henny gave me the idea of polyamory,” says Morgan.

NewsMonogamy: a utopia or a masterpiece evolucijinega I tell people about it, they are surprised, because I think open relationship is definitely the idea men, because it implies a lot of sex, right? More communication and a little more sex.Morgan

“Mutual joy»

Noni said that Morgan is good at “emotional communication”, which helped them to maintain relationships, despite the fact that later she moved to study theatre arts in Edinburgh.