Why did Meghan Markle ignores Royal Protocol

Why did Meghan Markle ignores Royal Protocol

Since then, as Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle has officially announced their plans to get married, the appearance and behavior of the future wife of the Prince does not give the media a rest — Megan regularly violates diplomatic Protocol, and does so consciously. Material “Газеты.Ru” tells how the wife of a future member of the Royal family ignores the established rules.

The outfit in which the future wife of Prince Harry emerged into the light, once stirred up the media. At the ceremony, the Endeavour Awards dedicated to the achievements of veterans of the British army, Meghan Markle decided to violate the established dress code. Instead of evening dress to the floor, as required by stated black tie, she was wearing a black tuxedo from Alexander McQueen and a white blouse.

Strict image once again reminded about her feminist views. Before the start of the relationship with Harry, Megan took an active part in the organization “UN Women” dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women. And in 2015, she was even appointed counsel on leadership and political participation in the organization.

Your sense of style Markle began to show from the first joint publication with Prince Harry. Then for the first time the public questioned the choice of the companion member of the Royal family. At the opening of sports competitions “Games of the unconquered,” Markle chose a white loose shirt and ripped jeans. Besides, the lovers are not shy to show their feelings and all the time holding hands, which is against the rules of the Protocol was to put my feelings to the members of the Royal family is strongly discouraged.

In that moment Meghan Markle has not yet been an official bride of Prince Harry, so he had the right to walk in torn jeans, and to talk about their relationship Vanity Fair magazine in September last year.

We’re a couple. We’re in love. I’m sure the time will come when we have to move on, appearing in front of people and talk about myself, but I hope that people will understand that this is our time. It is for us. There is something that makes it special, but it’s just ours. And we are happy. Personally, I love their beautiful love story.Meghan Markle

However, following the emergence of has opened the account number of breaches of Royal Protocol, which allows for Meghan Markle.

During the official photo session in the garden Kensington lock Megan appeared in public without tights, showing off his tanned legs. Usually behave, Hollywood actress, trying at every opportunity to show their perfect body, but certainly not members of the Royal family. Because for people that have a title, to appear in public with bare legs is almost the same as to go out in a dress without underwear. Did not bother the actress and the London weather in November.

Markle did not hesitate to give an autograph, although the rules of the Royal family, this gesture is strictly forbidden (leave your signature can only be on official documents).

Surrounded by members of the Royal family Markle is already almost half a year, and probably if she thought it necessary that the public saw her as Kate Middleton, has long studied the Royal Protocol and updated closet.

However, she did not attach much importance to the rules even when it comes to accessories. It would seem that if the Protocol obliges the woman to go out with a clutch or another tiny bag, why take something bulky? But Markle like big bags from Strathberry — and she wears them.

To be sure that Markle has its own tactics in choosing clothes, made the image selected actress for the portrait photo shoot after the announcement of the engagement.

In the picture there was no hint of Royal modesty, Megan reappeared in his role of a Hollywood star. In the picture published in the Twitter account of Kensington Palace, Megan posing in a provocative dress from the collection of the British designer Ralph & Russo fall-winter 2016-2017. The upper part of the dress is made of black fine mesh and is decorated with embroidered leaves — when the Board is on display design houses out the model, she clearly shone through his chest. Of course, the official portrait of this nuance of the dress is not visible. The hem of the dress Markle made of black mesh adorned with lots of quilling, and it is quite typical style products for star events and photo shoots.

However, the impression that it is the lack of stereotypes Meghan Markle and attracts Prince Harry. How else to explain that the Prince does not ask your girlfriend to behave in public, modestly, to change the style of clothing, and even allowed the sweetheart to disregard existing traditions on their future wedding, which will see the entire Kingdom? Markle going herself to speak, despite the fact that at the celebrations in the UK to do this allowed only men. Markle but it doesn’t stop: she once again wants to publicly admit the Prince to his feelings and to thank the friends that supported her.