Elon Musk posted on Twitter a video about the upcoming launch of the Falcon Heavy

Elon Musk posted on Twitter a video about the upcoming launch of the Falcon Heavy

NEW YORK, 6 Feb. /TASS./ The video is scheduled for Tuesday the first launch of a new super-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy posted Monday on Twitter by the founder and head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

It schematically shows different phases of the upcoming flight: launch from Cape Canaveral, side steps, reset the head fairing and the launch of the payload — the red Tesla Rodster. The launch of the Falcon Heavy is scheduled for 13:30 East coast time USA (21:30 GMT).

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“When the Falcon Heavy launches, it will be twice more powerful than the in-service missiles, — stated in the text accompanying the video. — Missile will be able to deliver in orbit nearly 64 tons, i.e. more than the mass of the fueled airliner Boeing 737 with passengers, crew and Luggage on Board. It is more than two times higher than the nearest competitor — booster Delta 4, and for the price this start will cost three times cheaper.”

The new carrier rocket was created on the basis of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 and is in fact three rockets: the Central segment mounted on the sides of the two accelerators. Each segment is equipped with nine engines. Total thrust of 27 engines is more than 2.2 thousand tons.

Two lateral segment of the launch vehicle is expected to land at Cape Canaveral for re-use, and the first stage of the Central segment should land on a platform in the Atlantic ocean. According to the Internet portal of the Verge, two used during the start-up stage was used previously: one in may 2016 with the launch of the satellite Thaicom, while the second launch of the cargo spacecraft to the ISS in August 2016.