There are no perfect people. How to stop to engage in self-criticism

There are no perfect people. How to stop to engage in self-criticism

The tendency to self-blame common among many people, and social networks further exacerbates this problem.

We see the successes and achievements of others, and we begin to feel that we ourselves are not good enough, not very successful, or that we have too many flaws. Of course, the desire to do everything perfectly can be a definite incentive for development, but everything is good in moderation: if self-criticism “rolls over” and leads to perfectionism, this indicates low self-esteem and prevents a person to be happy.

How to stop criticize yourself, says art therapist, member of Professional psychotherapeutic League and the Association of teachers‑artists and artists Svetlana Zakharova.

The tendency to self-criticism and striving for perfection is one of the main features of perfectionism. Very often people present themselves to the unrealistic requirements they can’t meet set myself unattainable goals or struggling to prove to others its ideal, although we all know that ideal people do not happen. All this leads to dissatisfaction and hard hitting self-esteem.

Some people think that self-criticism and excessive demands on themselves to motivate them to development, but it is not: critical attitude or dissatisfaction with their success, the motivation does not increase, because people will not be able to evolve if it is to berate or criticize yourself.

If you are inclined to criticize, know that it’s a bad habit: she will not help you to achieve the ideal but will be a serious threat to your psychological and emotional well-being. To overcome perfectionism and stop criticize yourself following tips will help.

Council. Don’t forget about its virtues and appreciate them

In the pursuit of perfection perfectionists very often forget about their strengths and the strengths of your personality and only note their flaws and what they don’t know. Remember that you don’t have to do everything perfectly, but you can do so many things well — appreciate it!

Council. Take its flaws for granted and cease to think about them