Putin signed the law on the status of volunteer organizations

Putin signed the law on the status of volunteer organizations

MOSCOW, 5 Feb — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on the status of volunteer organizations, the relevant document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The document equates the concept of “volunteerism” and “volunteering”, defines the status of voluntary organisations, organisers of volunteer activities and volunteers, establishes requirements that must be met by such organizations and individuals.

The law defines the powers of authorities in the sphere of support and development of volunteer organizations. Provides for the approval of the regulations of interaction of Federal Executive bodies, Executive bodies of regions, local government bodies, their subordinate state and municipal institutions and other organizations with volunteer associations.

The law provides that religious organizations will have to attract volunteers to participate in the organization of worship.

As the authors of the law, the proposed changes will ensure a more clear communication between volunteers and organizers of volunteer activities, beneficiaries, public authorities and bodies of local self-government, to enhance legal protection of volunteers, who will receive additional guarantees.

It is expected that volunteers under the government programs will be provided meals, purchase of special clothing, equipment, personal protective equipment, provision of premises for temporary use, payment for travel to the destination and back, payment of insurance contributions for voluntary medical insurance for the volunteer or the insurance to his life or health.

The norm specifies the new powers of the Federal bodies of Executive power, such as the development and implementation of state programs of the Russian Federation, containing measures to support volunteering, participation in the formation of a unified information system in the development of volunteering, providing support to organizers of volunteer activities, volunteer organizations, including in their interaction with state and municipal agencies, socially oriented non-profit organizations, state and municipal agencies, providing organizational, informational, methodological and other support to volunteers, to organizers of volunteer activities and volunteer organizations.