Trump discourage the British from the sun decks

Trump discourage the British from the sun decks

The Brits stopped going to the tanning bed for fear of looking like a President of the United States Donald trump. The results of the survey were published by The Independent.

According to the edition, the appearance of the President may reduce the risk of skin cancer in the United Kingdom, as its inhabitants now prefer natural color, not “orange patina” on face and “circles Panda”. About this researchers reported by almost three quarters of UK residents who were going or regularly visited a tanning salon.

Eight out of ten respondents aged 55 to 64 said that unnatural skin color trump demotivates them to tan artificially. These thoughts occupy 75 percent of women and 69 percent men.

Family physician Christy Lau warned that tanning speeds up the aging process of the skin and damage its cells, leading to cancer formation. “The fact that the President of the white circles under the eyes, says that he tans in the glasses, but not enough”, she added.

According to the who, ultraviolet radiation can lead to skin cancer. Registered in the world annually about 132 thousand cases of disease of melanoma — the most aggressive form of the disease. It is dangerous because metastases appear very quickly and through the blood and lymph and spread throughout the body, they can cause secondary cancers.