In Denmark found flying 6,95 thousand km of poultry from China

In Denmark found flying 6,95 thousand km of poultry from China

OSLO, 3 Feb. /TASS./ Danish ornithologists recorded the highest flights birds Redpolls, which overcame 6,95 thousand kilometers, getting to Denmark from China. This was reported on Friday the head of the ornithological station in Skagen Simon Christiansen.

“For us, this unexpected discovery, he was quoted as saying by the Danish news Agency Ritzaus Bureau. — Like flights of birds from so far from Denmark countries have never recorded”.

Track record of flights allowed a special ring that was worn on the foot tap in Heilongjiang province in northeast China, on 3 November 2016. Long journey of the Chinese birds on the West lasted for more than a year. During this time she traveled thousands of kilometers.

“Maybe a tiny Chinese bird has brought to us the wind — jokes Simon Christiansen. — Maybe she had a dream to see the beautiful landscapes of Scandinavia, for which she decided to go on such a long journey?”.

This flight will go down in the history of the Danish ornithological service as the most distant was in the country.

Common Redpoll (lat. Carduelis flammea) is a small passerine bird with a weight of only 10-15 grams with red spotted color.