Russian oligarchs forced to explain a life of luxury in London

Russian oligarchs forced to explain a life of luxury in London

Rich foreigners suspected of corruption, will have to explain your “luxurious lifestyle” in the UK. About it The Times said the head of the British Ministry of security of Ben Wallace.

British authorities are preparing to apply to join last week because of the rule of organized crime. They, in particular, suggest that Supervisory authorities can freeze suspect assets of more than 50 thousand pounds sterling (about 70 thousand dollars) as long as the owner did not adequately explain their origin.

Checks will concern investors from Russia, China and the Middle East who have invested, for example, billions of pounds in property in London.

In conversation with BBC News Wallace recalled the withdrawal from Russia of hundreds of millions of dollars through foreign, including British banks (Global scheme Laundromat, “world of Laundry”). “We won’t let that happen,” said the official.

The Guardian in March 2017, but said that 17 of the largest banks in the UK in the Global Laundromat passed 740 million dollars. That summer, Bloomberg spoke on the withdrawal of Russia at least $ 10 billion through “mirror trades” Deutsche Bank in Moscow and London.

According to the British National Agency to combat crime across the country each year is washed up to 90 billion pounds (127 billion dollars). The Agency believes this estimate is understated, adds Reuters.