On Saturn has detected signs of life

On Saturn has detected signs of life

MOSCOW, Feb 2 — RIA Novosti. NASA researchers have discovered in Titan’s atmosphere a substance that may indicate the presence of microorganisms on Saturn. This is stated in the message published on the website Phys.org.

At an altitude of 200 kilometers above the planet’s surface recorded a small concentration of Acrylonitrile — a compound involved in the formation of cell membranes of microorganisms which may live in the methane oceans.

The greatest number of molecules discovered over the South pole. At low temperatures (minus 179 degrees Celsius) prevailing on Titan, Acrylonitrile is concentrated in droplets and falls into methane lakes.

The experiment showed that in the Northern part of the companion substance should be enough to create a ten thousand of living cells per cubic centimeter, which is greater than the number of bacteria in the coastal areas of the earth’s oceans.

For link detection, the researchers used a set of radio telescopes Atacama Large Millimeter Array.