MFA found in the nuclear doctrine of the United States “outright fraud»

MFA found in the nuclear doctrine of the United States “outright fraud»

MOSCOW, February 3 — RIA Novosti. Washington claims that Moscow refuses to further nuclear arms reductions, are outright fraud, said on Saturday the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the publication of the new US nuclear doctrine.

“Another example of outright “fraud” — the paper’s assertion that Russia refused from further nuclear arms reductions,” — said in comments the Russian foreign Ministry.

In Russian depodesta recalled that Russia “has repeatedly stressed commitment to our article VI obligations under the NPT (non-proliferation Treaty of nuclear weapons)”, also Moscow “repeatedly noted the openness to discussing any issues related to the strengthening of international security”.

“Pay attention, including Americans, to establish appropriate conditions for progress towards nuclear disarmament would contribute to the solution of key problems in the context of ensuring strategic stability, such as the unilateral and unlimited deployment of a global US missile defense system, the implementation of the concept of “global strike”, the US refusal to ratify the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests and to refrain from placing weapons in space,” — said the Russian foreign Ministry.