USA classified part of the “Kremlin report” to prevent capital flight

USA classified part of the “Kremlin report” to prevent capital flight

The U.S. Treasury Department explained what was classified part of the “Kremlin report” document about the officials and businessmen close to President Vladimir Putin.

“The U.S. Treasury focused on how to counter the destabilizing activities of Russia. The report includes a classified Annex to prevent the potential escape of the named persons and organizations from assets and to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information”, — quotes Bloomberg assistant Secretary of the Treasury Tony Saiga.

Mr. Sayegh also said that the report was misinterpreted. However, he did not exclude that the unclassified part of the report was based on publicly available materials: government documents, news media, Internet data. The representative of the U.S. Treasury also said that presented in the “Kremlin report” list of Russian officials and businessmen should not be viewed as sanctions.

We will remind, after the publication of 30 January, “Kremlin report” the head of the U.S. Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that on its basis will introduce new restrictions against Russia. The Minister did not specify what limitations may introduce the American government. In “Kremlin report” hit 210 — 114 96 officials and businessmen.

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