The US suspected Syria of developing chemical weapons

The US suspected Syria of developing chemical weapons

Syria can develop new types of chemical weapons, reports the Agency Reuters with reference to sources in the White house. Also, according to the Agency, the authorities hide old store and continue to use chemical weapons, thereby violating the agreement of 2013 on their destruction and ban. In this regard, the U.S. does not exclude the possibility of military action against the Syrian government. In parallel, the UN security Council is an active discussion of previously rejected Washington initiative of the Russian Federation on investigation hematic in Syria.


The President of the United States Donald trump is considering the possibility of using military action against Syria if necessary to prevent chemical attacks against civilians by the Syrian government. About it to Agency Reuters said sources in the White house.

Agency sources say that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has ignored the agreement about the destruction and prohibition of chemical weapons in 2013 and has kept the reserves in the country.

Recall that in 2013, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) received the Nobel peace prize “for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons”. The first award was issued for the work of the OPCW and the UN joint mission to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria. On the day of receipt of the prize, OPCW Director-General Ahmet üzümcü noted that never in the history of its existence the organization had not seen the destruction of a large Arsenal of chemical weapons in such a short time in the civil war.

The U.S. government, in turn, insist not only on the presence of chemical weapons in Syria, and that Damascus continues regularly to use it. In particular, now the American authorities are studying the message about the use of chlorine by the Syrian authorities against civilians in Eastern ghouta. This was stated by state Department spokesman Heather Nauert. The United States have expressed concern that Syrian chemical weapons may fall outside the country, and therefore, it directly threatens the American government.

In connection with the suspicion against Syria Mrs. Nauert urged Russia to “do more” to resolve the issue. “I think it’s obvious that Russia has influence (on Damascus.— “Kommersant”), but Russia makes the wrong choice, the choice not to use its unique influence on the Syrian regime, enabling the Syrian regime to use chemical or other weapons against their people,” she said. The representative of the Ministry noted that the US is looking for “any possible diplomatic mechanism to prevent the use of chemical weapons by anyone, including the mechanisms of the UN Security Council and the OPCW”.

Meanwhile, during the UN security Council last week, the US rejected Russia’s initiative on creation of a new mechanism to investigate hematic in Syria.

Moscow proposed to create a Commission to replace the Joint UN and OPCW to investigate chemical attacks in Syria (CMP), which ceased to exist in November 2017. The official U.S. representative to the UN, Nikki Haley explained by the fact that America would only agree to a resumption of the CMP in its original form.

However, this week Russia made the project continue to discuss in the UN security Council at the expert level. On Thursday told reporters the Kuwaiti diplomat Mansour Ayyad al-Otaibi, presiding in the security Council in February. “On the issue of chemical weapons between the members of the Security Council remain divided. There is a draft resolution, submitted by Russia, it is currently discussed by the experts,” he said.