The Americans armed combat laser the second ship

The Americans armed combat laser the second ship

Laser combat will receive one of the destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke”.

Command of shipbuilding and armament of the U.S. Navy ordered the American company Lockheed Martin delivered two combat lasers, one of which will be installed on the destroyer of the “Arleigh Burke”. This will be the second ship in the American Navy, armed combat laser. As reported by AFCEA, the two laser systems must be delivered to the military by April 2020.

Currently, the U.S. Navy used one combat laser system. We are talking about complex LaWS (Laser Weapon System, laser weapon system) mounted on the landing ship dock “Ponce” type “Austin”, part of the Fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy (in the area of responsibility — Western part of the Indian ocean and the Persian Gulf).

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On the landing ship LaWS responsible for the defeat unmanned aerial vehicles and blinding electro-optical and infrared systems for surveillance and targeting. The basis of the installation capacity is 33 kW solid-state laser. It also includes a guidance system and a low power laser designed to blind surveillance systems.

Under the terms of the new contract, the ultimate cost of which may amount to approximately 943 million dollars, Lockheed Martin will have to put military laser systems ranging from 60 to 150 kilowatts. Installation with more power will be mounted on one of the destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke” of “Series IIA”, and the higher will be set to one of the polygons for testing.