From Elon musk ran out of flamethrowers

From Elon musk ran out of flamethrowers

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has sold out all 20 thousand flame throwers, which will be released by The Boring Company. It is reported Bloomberg.

The price was $ 500. Musk characterized the weapons as safe a flamethrower in case of a zombie Apocalypse. In this case the price does not include taxes and shipping, so final price exceeded $ 700. Equipment orders are no longer accepted, during the four days of the company’s Mask work on the “weapon” of $ 10 million. These funds are the entrepreneur plans to put on the purchase of equipment for The Boring Company and the services of lawyers and lobbyists.

The scope of the flamethrower The Boring Company initially offered fire extinguishers at $ 30. Later, however, Musk said on Twitter that each thrower will be accompanied by a free fire extinguisher as a gift from the company.

Company Ilona Mask The Boring Company finances the construction of a tunnel between new York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington.