Drown your dog in the Russian snow? Infographics and photos

Drown your dog in the Russian snow? Infographics and photos

The end of January in the Russian cities was rich in precipitation. The height of the drifts in the Central part of the country was a record, although in December the snow was little. Russian service Bi-bi-si has imagined what it would be with dogs of different breeds in different parts of Russia.

By the end of January in Russia came the most snow of the winter.

So, in Moscow the amount of precipitation for January 31, close to the record set half a century ago to this date, said the chief specialist of the capital’s Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

The Moscow drifts appear to be relatively modest compared to those of the inhabitants of Kazan or Tomsk.

Russian service Bi-bi-si clearly presented data on snow cover in cities across the country, comparing them with the size of domestic dogs.

We took five breeds: Dachshund, Corgi, Beagle, rough collie and Akita inu.

Pictures of dogs in the snow (and one cat) from our readers and colleagues

Bi-bi-si thanked the subscribers of their Facebook for photos. No animal in the preparation of the material is not affected.