Guardian: FBI investigators are studying the second “dossier” on trump

Guardian: FBI investigators are studying the second “dossier” on trump

Investigators of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) dealing with the case of alleged Russian trace in the presidential campaign in the United States, began to study the second “dossier” on President Donald trump.

This was reported on Tuesday the newspaper The Guardian.

According to her, the author of “dossier” is a political activist with a controversial reputation Cody Shearer, who previously worked as a journalist and was close to the Washington administration during the presidency of bill Clinton. The Guardian notes that unlike the author of the first “dossier”, a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, Shearer has no experience in intelligence, and his information was initially perceived with skepticism. However, according to the British newspaper, the fact that the FBI is still dealing with material that in October 2016, provided the Shearer, demonstrates that the investigators come to the second “dossier” with the utmost seriousness.

The first “dossier” contained unverified information, compromising character. In it, in particular, argued that Moscow has information, put trump in a bad light.

Initially, the collection of such materials was organized by the Republicans because of dissatisfaction with the fact that their fellow party member decided to join the fight for the highest office.

According to the newspaper the New York Times when it became clear that trump was the most likely candidate for nomination as a presidential candidate, the Republicans ceased to Fund the collection of dirt, but the initiative was intercepted by the U.S. Democratic party and the headquarters of its candidate Hillary Clinton.

The trump repeatedly called “file” fraud and an example of “total political witch hunt”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is the subject of the alleged Moscow of compromising is considered closed, since such fakes don’t deserve attention.