What will change in life of Russians from 1 February

What will change in life of Russians from 1 February

The main changes that are waiting for beneficiaries, pensioners, motorists and all other citizens since the beginning of February, in the traditional selection of portal iz.ru.

The increase in pensions and monthly allowances of beneficiaries

Pensions this year was not indexed from 1 February, as usual, and in January. Nevertheless, pensioners still worth the wait news: February 1, 2018, will be indexed monthly payments, which as a Supplement to the pension gets the most categories of beneficiaries (e.g., disabled, inhabitants of the North, orphans). Its amount will increase by 178 rubles (3.7%) and February 2018 will amount to 4 thousand 983 roubles.

In addition, the increase in pensions of retired prosecutors and the Investigative Committee. The relevant law was adopted in December 2017. As a result, in 2018, the pensions have to rise by about 30% (now the pension of former employees of the district level is about 20 thousand rubles). In December 2017, told the authors of the initiative, it is expected that this measure would affect 24 million people. In addition, left the service of the staff of these agencies will also appear monthly allowances to pensions for the rank, which will increase payments by approximately 6-7 thousand.

Indexation of child benefits

Every year in February, also reviewed the level of child benefits — indexing them in line with inflation over the past year. This year the ratio will be 1,025. Increase the majority of payments, both monthly and lump sum.

So, the size of lump-sum benefit when a child is 16 thousand 350 roubles will be 16 759 thousand rubles. Payments for pregnant wives of military conscripts will grow from 25 892 thousand rubles to 26 539 thousand rubles. Those who adopt a disabled child will be able to get 128 instead of 124 thousand 929 thousand rubles, which were relied on in the past year. And monthly allowance for child care up to the age of one and a half years will increase from 3 thousand to 3 142 thousand rubles.

The only exception will be the parent capital — the amount this year will not change and will be continued to 453 thousand rubles.