Valentine thorn: first of all every leader is a professional

Valentine thorn: first of all every leader is a professional

“People need to do their work. If the natural data of the person are imposed on his desire to develop in this direction, from the professional with time is a good leader,” — said the newspaper VIEW Valentina thorns, finalist of the contest “Leaders of Russia”. The mentoring system that has been adopted in the “Leaders”, which she considers an invaluable opportunity.

To the final of the contest “Leaders of Russia”, which will be held on 6-11 February in Sochi, remains for about a week. In the finals of the 300 managers from 54 regions of the country. Among the finalists were 30-year-old Valentina thorns (St. Petersburg), Deputy General Director auditorsko-consulting group SPG, LLC “Centre of scientific research and audit “Panacea”.

Let us recall, for participation in the contest were submitted 199 thousand applications, and in the semi-finals of some 2,600 participants. Was attended by representatives of all 85 regions. “Leaders of Russia” is the first of 13 projects in the open project platform “Russia — country of opportunities”, which is designed for prospective managers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, volunteers, and students.

As for Valentina thorn, it feels a hereditary economist father and mother in the past, economists are now both retired.

In the childhood of thorns dreamt of different professions: I wanted to become a doctor, an astronaut, a banker. A huge role in the choice of profession played parents, most still not understanding, “why and where I’m going.” Admission to St. Petersburg state University of Finance and Economics, specialty “Finance and credit” was easy. Thus regrets that it was not possible to follow two paths at the same time — wanted to study there.

2014 thorns works in audit and consulting group SPG, first as project Manager, then Deputy Director General, heading the Department of strategic planning and management consulting.

Valentine crown of thorns, not married, no children. Fond of extreme sports, snowboarding. As thorn admitted the examiners at the competition, she would like to change the world and make it better, to make our country move forward.

The mentoring system that has been adopted in the “Leaders”, names are very important to transfer huge experience and capabilities. To mentors such high-level people like in the competition, is considered priceless opportunity.

The conditions and the course of the competition Valentina thorn was considered fair and transparent, and said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: Valentine Vitalyevna, how did your familiarity with the competition “Leaders of Russia”? You learned about it an acquaintance?

Valentine crown of thorns: the competition found out by chance, like many others saw on television a report about it. Attracted the attention of simple criteria, which would say — it’s about you! The contest is called unconditional trust. I realized that if I take part, it is sure to be a very rewarding experience. I do not regret it: gained a lot of acquaintances and hosted a fascinating workshop.