The goats were brought to the CEC blank sheets of paper instead of signatures

© Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS./ Psychologist and business coach Mikhail Kozlov, nominated for presidential elections from the Party of social protection, instead of signatures of voters brought to the CEC bundle of clean paper and said that remaining in his campaign account 50 thousand rubles will transfer in need of the treatment of the girl. Thus, he will not be able to continue the presidential campaign.

The goats were brought to the CEC five boxes wrapped in a gift box and tied with red ribbons with bows. “Here are blank sheets of paper. The fact that at the training session I was told that they must take responsibility only for themselves, no one is to blame. Therefore, I recognize that a few irresponsible approach to the process of elections, little did not calculate the forces, particularly financial opportunities,” he said Wednesday to journalists and employees of the CEC.

Kozlov noted that the CEC repeatedly allowed him to open electoral account only a week ago. “I decided I didn’t want to spend money on collecting signatures. That’s on the Board of the Union of the CEC [the announcement that] little girl Jeanne Kuleshova need the money, and what I have on the electoral score of 50 thousand rubles, I will list on this account”, – he said.

Kozlova problems in the course of the campaign

CEC was first registered authorized Kozlov on financial issues and allowed him to open a special election account for formation of election Fund, but then it turned out that the power of attorney to the Commissioner certified by a notary without the seal of the party, and the CEC was commissioned with print.