“Kinosoyuz” going to sue the Ministry of culture for revocation of the license of “the death of Stalin»

“Kinosoyuz” going to sue the Ministry of culture for revocation of the license of “the death of Stalin»

According to the head of “Kinosoyuz” by Alexei Popogrebsky, it is an act of censorship, which may have been applied to any film.

Moscow. 30 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — Public organization “Kinosoyuz” intends to sue the culture Ministry for revoking the license of the film “Death of Stalin”, said to “Interfax” on Tuesday, the Director, the Chairman of the “Kinosoyuz” Alexei Popogrebsky.

“We are working on the legal side of the question, because our deep conviction that at the moment the Ministry of culture uses the rental license as an instrument of selective censorship. Censorship is forbidden by law.”

What we are seeing with specific film is solely discretionary decision, subjective officials of the Ministry of culture to withdraw the previously issued rental license prior to hire.Alex Photogrammetrically “Kinosoyuz»

He noted that currently the wording and the Agency to which the application is made.

“We believe that this practice is inherently flawed, not long ago, the distribution certificate is issued notification order when the distributor or the copyright holder has notified the Ministry of culture that the film with various output characteristics is preparing to hire”, — said the Chairman of “Kinosoyuz”.

“Now we are seeing that the culture is not just at its discretion, driven by the release of certain films, but simply forbids the release of films on the territory of the Russian Federation at its own private discretion. We believe that (in this situation — if) this should make a legal plane” — continued Popogrebsky.

Commenting on the representation of agencies that the issuance of rental certificates may be refused in the case that the picture violated the laws of the Russian Federation, Chairman of “Kinosoyuz” said that “even in this case, such decision can accept only court, not the individual officials on their own subjective judgment.”