In the house of the postman from Vicenza found a ton of letters

In the house of the postman from Vicenza found a ton of letters

Italian police found in the garage of a postman from Vicenza more than half a ton of undelivered mail and other correspondence.

56-year-old postman, who is not named, was detained to ascertain the circumstances. Email of the internal investigation and is considering filing a lawsuit against his employee.

“Letters and parcels, addressed to companies and individuals in the period from 2010 to 2017, was seized in the garage and the living room, the postman. The investigation deals with the postal police and the Department for the fight against fraud the postal service”, — stated in the message of the national police of Italy.

Vicenza ritrovata laboratory, quasi mezza tonnellata di posta mai consegnata
Lettere e plichi diretti ad aziende enti e privati 2010-2017 datate sono state sequestrate nel garage e nel soggiorno di un postino ora denunciato
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— Polizia di Stato (@poliziadistato) 29 Jan 2018

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About the discovery was reported to the police volunteers, has been collecting waste for recycling. From the garage to the postman as waste paper came 25 yellow boxes marked Mail of Italy, containing various letters.

Subsequently, in the house of the postmaster, it was discovered 572 kilograms correspondence placed in 43 boxes. Among the letters were Bank notices, brochures regional elections, 2010, books, accounts for utilities and commercial correspondence.

Why all this took the postman, is unknown.

The most popular collection of undelivered mail in the entire history of the Italian postal service. Letters and parcels will be delivered to the rightful recipients, despite the fact that a delivery period has long expired.