Got sick. Why young people cease to have sex

Got sick. Why young people cease to have sex

According to recent surveys, Millennials — that is, those whose entry into active life occurred in 2000 years — significantly less sex than people of previous generations. This gives rise to absolutely insane speculation in the scientific community and the General public. «” to understand whether this problem really is.

New Puritanism

“…The era of capitalist redundancy. Costumed presentation, make-up, a sea of light and sound, gilt, extras, special effects, life in big houses with big cars. Sex, funny stories, burlesque. To replace them is boring neovictorian era and even Puritanism. Women can not stick, eating meat is impossible, the furniture from IKEA in a rented apartment, of the entire property — only bike, gadgets and social media accounts”.

This rant was published in a popular Telegram-channel on the death of serial killer Charles Manson — now, they say, look, the action fizzles, the youth is in eternal depression, imaginary bearded hipsters, lumberjacks melancholic sipping craft beer in the barbershop. And all of this is served with such a promise, that’s it, sunk! Whether it was in our time, when we…

So what — it may, indeed, has come, a new generation has replaced the “best” of old that smoked, drank port wine and engaged in hot sex in the doorways every time in the past? Probably not. There is not only a conflict of generations, but and most common misunderstanding of the processes taking place, let’s be honest, mostly in Western societies.

Examining the incident in the 57-th school, when one of the teachers caught in sexual relationships with students, and many of the representatives, so to speak, of an enlightened public do not understand what’s wrong, journalist and writer Sergey Kuznetsov wrote in his post in LJ that this attitude of the late people to the sexual activity due to the fact that sex, despite popular belief, the Soviet Union was, but it was not the language in which it was possible to talk about the rules and the framework.

The people who lived in the USSR, knew that somewhere there, abroad, already there was a sexual revolution. That is, they suspected that the official attitude to sex in the Soviet Union is an anachronism. And actually fight it is the duty of every anti-Soviet mood.Sergey Kuznetsov

Further Kuznetsov leads by example. An intelligent man, hearing that the Director Paradzhanov put “the boys”, felt obliged to denounce the “bloody regime” throwing in jail homosexuals because of their orientation.

While the Internet had not, of homosexuals and pedophiles he has a vague idea. In his understanding, if a gay sleeps with a boy and he agree to it, it’s probably fine, but propaganda is all lies and distorts. Parajanov has the right to sleep with whoever he wants.

This example clearly shows how people who grew up in the USSR and not taking “Soviet morality,” dumped the whole “deviant” sex in a big basket: LGBT, BDSM, necrophilia, pedophilia, Swingers cunnilingus and a Blowjob were about equally invalid or valid — continued Kuznetsov. — More precisely, the admissibility of started be governed entirely by personal preference, no sexual morality are not left at all, because at the level of society sexual morality was extremely primitive and hypocritical.

Such people — which can be attributed to the author of the above-mentioned Telegram of the channel over time for the most part have not changed their position. While social norms and morals, including sexual, over the years has changed dramatically (and will change — this process can not be stopped). But for the Soviet intelligentsia it still remains the same: in a country where talk about sex was not accepted, and young people wanted free love, any conversation about the rules was quite funny.

The same thing they broadcast now. Worth discussing that violence in sex is unacceptable, and it ends with remarks on the subject of “are guilty, and now they want to ban all meet and fuck!”.

All this is reminiscent of the reaction to the sex scandals in Hollywood, according to which even producer Harvey Weinstein, of sexual harassment which complained almost all the known Actresses, perceived as the “victim of the brazen feminists”, not to mention other similar characters, appear in the minds of their defenders slandered the angels.

“When [someone] asks why all are against sex teachers and students and it does not have anything against adoption of children by gays, [someone] has in mind, and that both are equally transgressive and, therefore, [one] looking back on his youth and hippovskuyu frelow not understand why one is bad and the other good. Let’s either both good or both bad,” — says Kuznetsov. In short, everything is perceived in the forehead and in absolute terms, because different the debate would be contrary to the worldview that has evolved with them many years ago.

This view, however, distributed these people to other spheres of life, which is why they are so impressed with the fantastic society without standards, frameworks and regulations, in which everything is possible and nothing happens. The Soviet government, in the words of broadcasting the ideas of humanism, social justice, equality and non-violence, is perceived as utterly false and, therefore, these values for them look fake.

However, where do they get information that allows them to sigh theatrically about the hipsters that refused to fun and sex and are ready to dive into the “new Victorian era”?

The source of the panic

The answer is simple: mostly from the West of sociological research. The bald figures, however, anyone is not important, important is their interpretation, but about it further. According to the state poll, published in 2012, 25 years ago, teenagers are much more willing to have sex.

That they are sexually active, said 44 percent of teenagers female and 47 male, whereas 25 years ago these figures were 58 and 69 percent, respectively.

The same study showed that young people today have in General fewer sexual partners.

And then appears on stage Professor Jean Twang from the University of California at San Diego. With her light hand came study, are actively quoted by the press. Twang not limited to the systematization of the received information and tried to interpret it. The picture is grim: young people today are constantly in a depressed state, long live with their parents, can not find work, they have no money and, most importantly, they are constantly staring at their smartphones, which can quickly get access to pornography — why is there still sex?

It is important to note that Twang applies to approximately the same age category as the authors mentioned Telegram-channel, and although she didn’t live in the Soviet Union, the findings from the data she obtained are similar — and so impressed them.

But the sex lives of Millennials — those whose active age peaked in 2000 years, is just one of the issues that concern her. Peru Twang belong to the book “Generation “I,””. Why today’s young Americans are more confident, and thus eke out a miserable life”, article entitled “Smartphones have destroyed the younger generation?”and the book on the same subject under the title of “iGen,” in which she argues that modern communications do not enable young people to develop. Whether it is the old Golden days! Woodstock! Sex in the alley! Free love! Paper book! Plates! Port (no, it is not here, but is an excellent illustration of where the author tends).

It is not surprising that the work Twang very fond of conservative activists, especially American fundamentalist Christians. In her research, they find confirmation of all their fears and hopes on the impending end of the world.

“One of the many revelations I received in the book, iGen, was the fact that Millennials are growing much slower than their predecessors, writes Catholic Bishop Robert Barron on the site with the speaking name World on Fire (“World on fire”). — Babyboomers (people born in the late 40’s-early 50-ies of the last century) used to get a driver’s license on 16th birthday, but Millennials expect to 18-19 years.” The Bishop, of course, does not come to mind that the reason for this may be laziness and apathy, and the fact that today’s youth no longer need to drive to assert themselves and show everyone how big you are: there are applications that allow you to call a taxi at any time for little money, there is public transport.

But Barron already understood everything: smartphones are not made to live, they are all to blame. Staring the youth in their small screen, writes each other text messages instead of having to gather in the entrance, drink of port wine (oops, again, not here!) — and as a result turns into clinging to the displays of socially anxious.

The fact that changing patterns of communication — not always a bad thing, it does not occur. First, it is contrary to its immature to Mature years in the world, and secondly, we are not going to argue with scientists!

Smartphones vs youth

Most of the news, which reported that the generation of Millennials are leading the world into the abyss, is based on the works of Jean Tweng. Narrative relative to the degraded generation Narcissus, who do not see beyond their noses, neglected by traditional forms of communication, “smelled of gunpowder” and living in heavily protected world, happy to pick up those whose youth has passed, old age is on the horizon, and no special achievements.

The majority of conclusions that Twang do regarding the millennial that is based on the so-called “scale of narcissism” and questionable information anecdotal. All falls in a heap: there are Britney Spears, and the lifestyle of Paris Hilton, and the popularity of plastic surgery, and shooting in schools and the popularity of onerous mortgages for people with bad credit history.

Is it really all that bad? Other studies indicate the opposite. Among youth decreases crime rates, number of teenage pregnancies and abortions, dangerous driving and drug use. Getting more volunteers, and relationships young people today have with their parents is significantly better than the other generations. Doesn’t sound very pathetic and smug, the socially anxious?

It is interesting that blaming the younger generation into complacency Twang allows that his representatives of more than confidently answering questions, stating, for example: “I will be a good man! instead I will try to achieve success”.

It is worth noting that “increased levels of narcissism” Twang watches, primarily the girls. But is it a crisis generation? 20 years ago American girls were brought up in the way that pride and self — confidence is not feminine qualities. If now the situation is changing — it’s for the best.

As for smartphones, destroying the lives of Millennials, is not Twang gives some specific information and justify their opinions due to assumptions and selective examples. For example, there is information that the level of depression among young people is growing? Well, that’s proof theory: smartphones, they are also increasingly using! In fact, why assume that the new generation are more willing seeks psychological and psychiatric assistance and does not consider forbidden talk about doldrums!

It is interesting that modern American Teens are much less inclined to suicide, and their level of life satisfaction falls since 1997.

But as Twang narrative about a miserable and unhappy Millennials is not fit, she starts to throw the words “cyberbullying” to scare readers app Snapchat, supposedly gave rise to “a surge of suicides”, which in reality does not exist.

One example of the degradation of the young generation, according to Twendz is that they are less likely to go out. But this does not mean that it is bad. Worse, if they have the opportunity to watch the show with the help of a service like Netflix, and share experiences with friends via text message — instead of having to go to the nearest cinema and eating popcorn in front of the big screen?


But back to the sex. So why are Millennials less engaged in them? The answer, again, is simple: not everything new is bad. Says sex columnist publication The Telegraph, Rebecca Reid, the reason is not that the Millennials become the “new Victorians” and lose their libido, and the fact that they have sex differently, and traditional surveys are not yet able to display this information.

We have sex no less, and differently, and the boundary of what can be considered sex to blur. Millennials are certainly more prone to experimentation and trying to have sexual contact not just with people of a certain gender, and those people who they really like. The concept of sex within the LGBTQ person at work, in particular, it is difficult to determine because it is not always associated with penetration.Rebecca Redsex-columnist publication The Telegraph

In her opinion, young people can have sex as much as their predecessors but have fewer sexual partners.

There are several reasons. One of them is sexual education, understanding of the dangers of STIs and in particular HIV. Other — sex with multiple partners just stopped being a reason for pride: now young people do not exaggerate their number, and call honest numbers.

Twang also actively at war with the concept of “culture of sex without commitment.” The concept is that young people are more likely to spend one night together, without entering into long term relationships, and the reason for that — mobile apps like Tinder that allow you to quickly get acquainted.

“A false statement that among the Millennials, there is a “culture of sex without commitment”, perhaps based on the behavior of most sexually dissolute members of this generation who can now brag about their “exploits” in social networks. But the culture of Dating apps leaves behind a large segment of the population,” — says Twang.

In 2015, it was 1.6 billion Tinder profiles. Daily audience is 10 million people. 70 percent of its users — Millennials, which is well seen in the official statistics. Moreover — according to a recent survey, about 30 percent of Millennials use apps for Dating — at the time of the survey. Who is this “large segment of the population”?

The answer to this question can be found in one of the books Twang. Perhaps, then, we can talk about the Christian evangelists that make up a large proportion of the total population of the United States. They are not something that Dating apps are not used, but in General I think sex before marriage is great sin.

But sin is sin, but in reality, 80 percent of Evangelical young people, deals with them, and the neglect of contraception leads to a high number of teenage pregnancies, 30 per cent of which end in abortion.

Remained the last unresolved issue: why Millennials meet with fewer sexual partners than earlier generations?

This is also simply explained: the institution of traditional marriage is dying, replaced by the institution of partnership without official registration of relations. If before marriage was regarded as a kind of point which a person puts, saying goodbye to wild life and forever dedicating himself to the family, now instead of a quick chain relationships should chain long enough for civil marriages, interrupted by short periods of rapid Dating in Tinder. If all this is really connected, then the changed statistics of sex reflects the ongoing destruction of traditional marriage based on religion, tradition and order. And all this is not bad — just different.

All this will inevitably happen in Russia, despite a different culture, different generation, and other effects. Young Russians actively absorb foreign Anglo-American rules through the movie and friends who lived abroad. Outgoing generation always be clicked his tongue, looking at the young people, after all, that’s what they lived in his youth. And, of course, to feel sorry for unlucky girls and boys, which will no doubt suffer because of their stupidity, nepotistic, sexual promiscuity, or, on the contrary, the new Puritanism and Victorian.

Mikhail Karpov