In the sky over Russia will be the bloody super moon

In the sky over Russia will be the bloody super moon

In the last two days of January in the sky over Russia will happen just three astronomical events: the moon will enter the perigee (nearest to the Earth point of the orbit. — Ed.) that will coincide with the supermoon and a total Eclipse of our satellite.


The apparent diameter of the moon in the sky will increase by approximately 8%, predict astronomers of the Moscow planetarium.

After 17:00 GMT 31 Jan the lunar disk will slowly emerge from the shadows of our planet, which visually are painted in crimson color. Bloody SUPERLINE will remain in the sky for about an hour, gradually turning pale from the familiar silvery-white color, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The phenomenon can be observed on the whole territory of Russia, except the Western and South-Western areas.

Supermoon — the approach of the full moon closest to Earth distance. Total Eclipse of the moon — full immersion of the moon in Earth’s shadow, making the moon invisible in the night sky.

The moon enters perigee every month, and supertunia occur annually. However, the perigee and full moon coincide rarely. Astronomers talk about the supermoon, if among these events was not more than three days. January 31, this period will be minimal.