Doctors have associated Napping with dangerous disease

Doctors have associated Napping with dangerous disease

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. People experiencing daytime sleepiness were more prone to Alzheimer’s disease. To such conclusion came the scientists from the University of Washington in the United States, according to MedPage today.

The study involved 189 people, whose average age was 66 years. Scientists using fitness trackers tracked the biological activity of volunteers in the past two weeks. In addition, for the detection of beta-amyloid (peptides that cause Alzheimer’s disease) using magnetic resonance imaging, pictures were taken of their brain.

The researchers found that people with amyloid plaques which can disrupt the brain, worse sleep at night and often feel sleepy during the day.

“Our new research shows that people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease show greater fragmentation in the cycles of biological processes. They often are active at night and sleep or behave passively,” — says one of the study’s authors Dr. yo El Yu.

The American sleep Matthew Walker told about the negative effects of daytime sleep on human health. He confirmed that Napping can be beneficial for the brain and body as a whole. But, according to the scientist, he may become a “double edged sword”, because at that time people “accumulate drowsiness,” which leads to bad sleep at night.