Eastern Cougar officially recognized extinct

Eastern Cougar officially recognized extinct The Eastern Cougar is excluded from the Federal list of wildlife under threat of extinction, and recognized as extinct. The corresponding decree was published in the Federal register the daily journal of the U.S. government. The decision was taken in accordance with American law on species under threat of extinction. According to a American Service of protection of fish resources and wild animals officially recognizes the Eastern Cougar extinct on the basis of “available scientific and commercial information”. It is noted that for a predator watching since 1938, and at the moment there is no evidence of the existence of any undetected populations, or single representatives of this subspecies. The order comes into force on 22 February 2018.

Russian pianist Trifonov had won a “Grammy»

Russian pianist Trifonov had won a “Grammy» Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov has received the award “Grammy” in the category “Best classical instrumental solo performance”. This is stated on the website of the award, a ceremony which is conducted live. 26-year-old musician received the award for a series of “Transcendental etudes” by Franz Liszt. Trifonov was nominated four times for the award, however this award was his first. Jubilee, the 60th ceremony of the “Grammy” takes place on Sunday in Madison square garden in new York. This is one of the most prestigious music awards in the world. It is awarded by the American Academy of recording since 1959. Winners determined by the members of the Academy by voting. In November 2017, it became known that “Grammy” did not put forward any white singer in the categories “Best album of the year” and “Best new artist”. The President of the recording

Media: customs began to track the purchase of Russians abroad

Media: customs began to track the purchase of Russians abroad Custom became quickly learn about purchases of Russians abroad, and has strengthened control over the transportation of goods to Russia, according to “Vedomosti”. As has informed the edition a law enforcement officer, information about expensive purchases, the customs officers receive through the Tax Free system and from foreign law enforcement agencies. Both channels of information earned in November and December 2017. According to the source newspaper, from December of 2017 was thwarted by a few dozen attempts to smuggle across the border expensive watch, clothes, jewelry and accessories. It is noted that duty-free to Russia it is possible to import things with a total value of up to €10 thousand If the total cost of the purchase exceeds this amount, you must pay tax of 30%. If you violate this rule may face a fine, confiscation of goods or criminal

Scientists have discovered a factor that signals the development of cancer

Scientists have discovered a factor that signals the development of cancer Scientists from the University of Copenhagen associated with the development of oncological diseases with the presence in the tissues of the colon the enzyme GalNAc-T6. The results of a study published by the journal of Biological Chemistry. Scientists have found that this enzyme is absent in healthy tissues, but in large numbers contained in the cells of the cancer. GalNAc-T6 starts the process of turning healthy cells into cancer by the addition of sugar molecules to certain proteins. This, in turn, changes the structure of cells and causes their aggregation (sticking together. — Primas’. ed.). Cells with glikozilirovanie proteins, joined by the remnants of the sugar, begin to develop as cancer. “When we remove GalNAc-T6, the formation of the tissues change and become similar to the recesses of the epithelium of the mucous membrane that you would find in a

Glazyev: the Russian economy brought more than $1 trillion over 30 years

Glazyev: the Russian economy brought more than $1 trillion over 30 years The outflow of funds from Russian economy amounted to more than $1 trillion over the last 30 years. This was stated by Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev at the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World Summit, held in Moscow. “You know, Russia is the richest country in the world. We have over 30 years brought the global financial system more than $1 trillion that flowed from Russia. We honestly do not know where they are, we know that approximately half a trillion dollars rotates between offshore companies and the Russian economy — the circuit is on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. And the other half trillion generally disappeared in an unknown direction. This, of course, concerned about our tax service. It turns out that the more we flee the country, the