The birth rate in Russia dropped to the lowest in 10 years

The birth rate in Russia dropped to the lowest in 10 years From January to December 2017, the birth rate in Russia decreased by 10.9% compared to the same period in 2016, according to Rosstat. This figure was the lowest in the last 10 years — fewer newborns in the country was recorded only in 2007 (1.61 million people). This year, Russia has also decreased and the mortality rate is 3.9%. According to Rosstat, last year the country was born 1,689 million people, which is 203,4 thousand less than the year before. Mortality compared to 2016 has decreased by 63.6 thousand people, up to 1,824 million population Decline in 2017 reached 134,4 thousand people, while in 2016 it was noted the growth of the population of 5.4 million citizens. In addition, according to Rosstat, the number of registered marriages in 2017 increased by 63.9 thousand — to million 1,0497 While

Ukrainian writer accused of Pushkin and Bulgakov plagiarism

Ukrainian writer accused of Pushkin and Bulgakov plagiarism MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. Ukrainian writer Yuri Vinnichuk accused the classics of Russian literature, Mikhail Bulgakov and Alexander Pushkin plagiarism. In his column on the portal “Zbruch” Vinnichuk has said that anyone versed in the literature of man “easy to see all the secondary character of the novel “Master and Margarita”. According to the Ukrainian, Bulgakov gained ideas from different authors — Pierre Mac Orlan, Alexander Dumas, Mark TWAIN, and Gustav Meyrink. In short, Bulgakov’s the problem. However, as with Pushkin, of which the French do not perceive, considering the usual imitator of French poetry.Yuriy Vynnychuk writer According to the Ukrainian writer, a classic of Pushkin’s poem are “rehash” from a foreign language.

The migrants were law-abiding. The Prosecutor General praised the level of crime in 2017

The migrants were law-abiding. The Prosecutor General praised the level of crime in 2017 Last year in Russia there were almost two times less cases of bribery than a year earlier. Less illegal actions began to make and working in Russia labor migrants. This is stated in the materials of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on the state of crime in the country. The Supervisory authority has published the statistics of crime in Russia in 2017. According to the Supervisory authority, the crime situation has become better not only overall, but in many important areas. Just last year there were 2 058 476 crimes, which is 101 587 (4.7%) and less than a year earlier. The reduction in crime is observed in all Federal districts and regions it is most significant in the Vologda region (20.3%), Moscow (19.4 per cent), Karelia (16,1%), Murmansk region (15.2%) and Adygea Republic

In Germany unknown stole 44 tons of chocolate

In Germany unknown stole 44 tons of chocolate MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. Unknown in the German city of Freiburg im Breisgau stole two trucks with 44 tonnes of chocolate, told city police Monday. The incident occurred at night on Saturday. Two trucks with goods worth 400 thousand euros were in the Parking lot in an industrial zone. The police found one of the trucks on the highway near the industrial area. The driver managed to escape, but the cargo remained in the trailer. The second truck was discovered near the city of Lar, this time the trailer was empty — the attackers managed to overload around 22 tons of chocolate in the other wagon and hide. Currently, police are investigating the incident. Last summer a similar incident occurred in the city of Dresden in the Federal state of Hesse. Then the prey of thieves was a trailer with

Russia has adopted the latest machines

Russia has adopted the latest machines New Russian AK-12 and AK-15 adopted. Information about it “Interfax” confirmed concern “Kalashnikov”. The official newspaper of the Russian Ministry of defense Krasnaya Zvezda also reported that the defense Ministry decided to adopt not only production machines “Kalashnikov”, but the machines AEK-971 and AEK-973 development Degtyarev plant. It is noted that the AK-12 and AK-15 in reliability and simplicity are more suitable for military parts and products of the Kovrov plant is recommended for the different divisions. The decision was announced on coordination scientific Council on problems of military equipment, which took place on January 25. All four rifles were tested for inclusion in the combat outfit “Ratnik”. During the download an error has occurred.

Julia Samoylova started preparations for the “Eurovision-2018»

Julia Samoylova started preparations for the “Eurovision-2018» MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. Singer Yulia Samoylova started preparations for the “Eurovision-2018”, RIA Novosti the Directorate of public relations of the First channel. “Eurovision-2018” to be held in Lisbon from 8 to 12 may. It will be attended by the representatives of 43 countries. “As a First channel reported in March last year, when Yulia Samoilova have not refused to participate in the competition, she in any case will be the participant of “Eurovision”, if not in 2017, then in 2018. We reiterate that this would happen. Julia began preparing for the competition”, — said the Agency interlocutor. “Eurovision-2017” was held in may in Kiev. To represent Russia at the competition was Yulia Samoilova with a song about love the Flame Is Burning, but the security Service of Ukraine has banned the actress entry into the country for three years because

12 puzzles and paradoxes of pain

12 puzzles and paradoxes of pain Despite the fact that all living beings feel pain (scientists are not yet sure about amoebas), we never figured out what it is, and how its manifestations are objective, and how the function of our consciousness. We all know that pain is an objective reality, but perception of it is deeply subjective. The pain may be a symptom and disease, and mental and physical. How close are we to understanding what it is? Sharp, dull, sudden, chronic, aching, throbbing, blinding… This is not a complete list of epithets that we did not hesitate to apply, saying the feeling experienced and continue to experience the we everything: about the pain. NewsA matter of life and death: a report from the intensive care unit She pays no attention to skin color, eye shape, or social status. She doesn’t care at what level of evolution is it

Almost 60% of Russians supported independent online BRICS

Almost 60% of Russians supported independent online BRICS Almost 60% of Russians supported the proposal of the Russian security Council on independent Internet within member countries of the BRICS, according to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) at the disposal of RIA Novosti. “The Russian proposal on the establishment of independent Internet within the borders of member countries of BRICS has supported 58% of our citizens (against 29%),” from survey data. Create a separate Internet with BRICS countries will increase the level of security of personal data Russians, this opinion is shared by 49% of respondents. The same number of respondents believe that such a network would be the best protection against international hackers (preventing attacks). However, 41% of Russians afraid of limiting access to the resources of the global Internet in case of implementation of this initiative. “Extremely interesting is the fact that