New engines will make the su-57 “killer F-22»

New engines will make the su-57 “killer F-22»

New engine for the Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 shows that Russia has a huge potential in the aviation industry and is able to create a highly intelligent digital system.

The creation of such a complex unit has left China far behind, and the su-57 with the new engines is superior to the American heavy fighter F-22 Raptor, military experts say Chinese publication Sina.

Recall that on 5 December 2017 su-57 made its first flight with the “engine of the second stage”. It is called “article 30” and after testing it will become a regular power plant of the Russian fighter. The main difference from the “engine of the first stage” will be a big pull that will allow the su-57 is faster to gain altitude, and rapidly maneuver with less loss of speed. The new powerplant is economical, so the combat radius of the aircraft will expand, including the ability to go supersonic without using the afterburner.

A key advantage of the su-57 on the F-22 is more thrust (36 tons per second against 32 American) and rejected all the angles of the thrust vector. The last factor reported Russian fighter maneuverability — a very valuable quality in dogfighting, which the Raptor is generally not intended.

Nozzle “products 30” has a serrated outer edge and a smooth flat surface — this reduces the visibility of the aircraft to radar while maintaining high thrust-weight ratio. With the same purpose, the impeller of the compressor in the new engine is made of radar absorbing material. During the flight, especially when maneuvering the hot air from the engine mixed with cold weather, reducing the vulnerability of the su-57 for heat-seeking missiles. To heighten the cooling stream of outside air is passed between the external edges of the nozzles and their internal surface. The designers of the F-22 for reducing the infrared visibility made of flat nozzles, which adversely affected the maneuverability of the Raptor.

The combination of benefits makes the Russian plane “fighter number one” in the world, leaving behind the flag is widely touted American Raptor, sums up the publication.