In Germany unknown stole 44 tons of chocolate

In Germany unknown stole 44 tons of chocolate

MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. Unknown in the German city of Freiburg im Breisgau stole two trucks with 44 tonnes of chocolate, told city police Monday.

The incident occurred at night on Saturday. Two trucks with goods worth 400 thousand euros were in the Parking lot in an industrial zone.

The police found one of the trucks on the highway near the industrial area. The driver managed to escape, but the cargo remained in the trailer. The second truck was discovered near the city of Lar, this time the trailer was empty — the attackers managed to overload around 22 tons of chocolate in the other wagon and hide. Currently, police are investigating the incident.

Last summer a similar incident occurred in the city of Dresden in the Federal state of Hesse. Then the prey of thieves was a trailer with 20 tons of chocolate products, including kinder surprises and paste “Nutella”. The value of the stolen goods were estimated at 50-70 thousand euros.