Importantly, in the shade of loud

Importantly, in the shade of loud

At the new York hall Madison Square Garden hosted the 60th awards ceremony of the National Academy of recording USA. The nominated albums, recorded with the participation of Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Valery Gergiev, received a Grammy not, however, the names of Russians in the list of winners is still there. Boris Tells Drums.


The Grammy ceremony is divided into two parts. Second, grandiose, carefully orchestrated, with a red carpet show on TV. And the first exists in the shadow of the second. During this “preliminary” ceremony, handing out gramophonic in most of the 84 nominations, particularly in the “technical” categories like “Best artwork” and “Best Surround Sound album”. The main stars at this event are rare: preparing for the television. But it is here that honors the professionals who create music, the matter that surrounds us — and it is not only hits with billions of hits like “Despacito”. Incidentally, he did not win in any category in which it was presented. As he said at the ceremony the leader of the Puerto Rican group Residente, “I dedicate this award to all who make music not for the sake of numbers.”

Apart from him last night at the Premiere Ceremony, the winner in the nomination “the Best producer” announced Greg Kerstine, who worked on records by Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, Beck and Noel Gallagher. Here gave the prize to the Blues-rock band Alabama Shakes is in the category “Best performance of American roots music” for the song “Killer Diller Blues” from American Epic, in which modern artists have recorded music using instruments of the last century. In the electronic dance categories here said the live album of the German band Kraftwerk, which sounds of course, ridiculous: the philosophy of Kraftwerk is that machines always play the same way. Another quirk Grammy in the category “Best rock performance” won the Leonard Cohen song “You Want It Darker”, which was released as a single on 21 September 2016. Despite the fact that this year’s ceremony competed songs released between 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017, the late bard was awarded. Honored by the statue and the memory of actress Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia from “Star wars”. She managed to recite into the microphone, his memoirs, and now relatives have received her Grammy nomination for “Best spoken word album”.

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On “pre-Grammy” was organized by the rap-metal band 59-year-old Aissa T, however, in the category “Best metal performance” veterans lost to a group Mastodon. In the rock categories are also distinguished by Foo Fighters The War On Drugs.

Here at Premiere Ceremony, it became known that neither the last album Dmitri Hvorostovsky “sail Rus”, which includes songs by Georgy Sviridov on poems by Sergei Yesenin, no recording of the Opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov “the Golden Cockerel”, performed by the orchestra and chorus of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev, in the nominations of the Grammy has not received. But gramophonic won the 26-year-old pianist from Nizhny Novgorod, Daniil Trifonov. In the category “Best classical album, solo instrument” marked the album “Transcendental”, where he plays works by Franz Liszt. Many Russian commentators covering the process of preparing for the Grammy, didn’t even notice his name in the list of nominees: it was in the shadow of more famous Gergiev and Hvorostovsky. But Trifonov was stronger than their rivals. It is worth noting that his album released on the legendary Deutsche Grammophon.

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Another Russian name, voiced in this part of the ceremony — Putin. Composer Randy Newman received a prize as the best arranger for the song “Putin”, included in his album “Dark Matter”. It’s really a song about the Russian President. Newman wrote the ironic text, in which people apparently really impressive.

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The main ceremony has placed all points over i. In three of the four main nominations — “Record of the year, song of the year” and “Album of the year” — won by Bruno Mars. Left behind Childish Gambino, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar. In the category “Best new artist” won a canadian singer, 21 years old Alessia Cara.

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U2 performed on the water. Stream was off the platform, which was established in the middle of the Hudson, with views of the statue of Liberty. It was not clear how they played, and the cold chilled him, even those who sat at TV screens. It is not clear how they were not blown off, as the platform remains in a horizontal position. And on the stage built on the water, no wires, monitors, and other incidental equipment. U2 never cease to amaze: the picture was literally a postcard. However, to report that this performance U2 has recorded in advance.

Paid much attention to Sting, who has long been a neglected Grammy. He now actively advertises his new album, recorded together with the contractor danchall Shaggy. Three with the ceremony and show Carpool Karaoke James Korden they took the plot of “Carpool Karaoke down in the subway”. The humor was in the fact that in new York subway, no one wanted to listen to any one of the three. Next was “Englishman in NY” on the stage of Madison Square Garden. During a song by Sting joins Shaggy, the long and the downed pilot were still delighted more than the whole rap establishment in the forefront.

At a recent ceremony “Golden globe” women rallied around the new feminist ideas and even chose the uniforms came in black. In the world of pop music, yet his Harvey Weinstein, Kevin spacey or Louis ck. Women — salt of show business, they are worn on the hands. About the attempts on their honour and dignity, saying little. Everything stays within the walls of the offices, dressing rooms and hotel rooms. However, on the eve of the ceremony were audible calls for the singers to come with the white roses on the clothes and thereby emphasize the commitment to the ideals of #MeeToo.

Singer Janelle Monet from the stage of Madison Square Garden moved a strong speech on the rights of women in show business. Her speechwriters, of course, found the words, after which humanity has to realize the depth of the problem and feel compassion for women in the pop industry. Then with the song “Praying” was made by the singer Kesha, one of the few on stage who have something to say on the subject: it was really loud trial with producer Dr. Luke, blossom hands. The song is just this story is dedicated to: Kesha talks in it about how the producer almost brought her to suicide. However, Dr. Luke is still in the saddle: producing Azelia banks and ne-yo. And the song, as always happens, when a pop-girls want to talk about serious, boring work.