Zhirinovsky campaigned for himself on the stock Bulk

Zhirinovsky campaigned for himself on the stock Bulk

Several dozen activists involved in the “protest voters” politician Alexei Navalny, met on Tverskaya street in Moscow of the leader of LDPR, the candidate of the President of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Activists urged him to withdraw his candidacy, but he refused. It is reported by the correspondent of “b” from the event.

Communicating with the participants, Mr. Zhirinovsky cited the example of American politicians Donald trump and Hillary Clinton, noting that the last of his age (in fact, Vladimir Zhirinovsky over Mrs. Clinton for more than a year: he was born April 25, 1946, she — 26 October 1947). He also spoke about his participation in protests.

“I was same as you 30 years ago. Three times I was detained at Pushkin square,” — said the politician.

In the end, came Zhirinovsky. ВНЕЗАПНОhttps://t.co/WpqmPDz8De pic.twitter.com/keb3MD1u7u

— MBH Media (@MBKhMedia) 28 Jan 2018

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Surrounding the leader of the LDPR, the crowd chanted: “Zhirinovsky is a clown.” However, some praised the policy, noting his courage: “at least He came to talk, not scared.”

Getting into the car with flashing lights, surrounded by guards, Mr Zhirinovsky urged everyone to vote for him, and in the end said: “All are free”.

Today the rally of supporters of Alexei Navalny held in many cities of Russia. The reason for them was the non-admission of Mr Navalny before the presidential elections that will be held March 18.

Roman Dorofeev